Crime Branch Raids Madrasa in Dariapur Madrasa, Attack On Principal: 2 Suspects Arrested, 5 Fugitives

Yesterday, a mob attacked a teacher who had gone for a survey at a madrasa in Dariyapur. The Dariyapur police have registered a case and started an investigation. As part of this, the police have arrested two of the accused involved in the attack. Additionally, the local police, along with the Ahmedabad Crime Branch, have launched a search operation.

Survey Initiated at Madrasa by Education Department Orders

Following the orders of the education department, teachers started conducting surveys in various madrasas. Sandeep Patel, the principal of Bapunagar School, went to the madrasa at Sultan Sultan Mohalla Syed Sultani Mosque in Dariyapur for this survey. While Sandeep Patel was taking photographs of the work due to the mosque being closed, a mob arrived and attacked him with sticks.

Accused of Robbing Mobile and Documents Arrested

Among the mob, accused Farhan and Faizal instructed to snatch the mobile phone and documents, which the mob did. The police have registered a case under various sections including rioting and robbery, and started an investigation.

Search for the Remaining Fugitive Accused

Within 24 hours of the incident, Dariyapur police arrested two accused, Farhan and Faizal. However, five other accused are still at large, and a search is underway. Following the incident, the Ahmedabad Crime Branch, along with local police, launched a search operation at various locations in Dariyapur.

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