Vadodara BJP Ward President’s Mysterious Death: Body Found in Mahi River, Wife Accuses Husband Parth of Beating Months Ago

In the village of Umreta in the Taluka of Anand district, near Ward Number-18, a commotion has arisen following the discovery of a dead body in the Mahi River, spreading panic among locals. The Ward Head had reportedly met with an accident, causing distress to his family. Notably, two months ago, the wife of Parth Patel, the Ward Head, had lodged a complaint against him at the Manjlapur police station alleging domestic violence. At that time, local councilors had mediated a resolution between them.

Family Discord Leads to Tragic Events

According to available information, Parth Patel, the former BJP chief in Ward Number-18 of Manjlapur locality, resided with his family at Haridarshan Residency, Sai Chowkdi, Manjlapur. There had been tensions between him and his wife for some time, leading her to live with her son due to fear. Two months ago, she had left her son with her mother-in-law to meet her mother. When returning to meet her mother-in-law late at night, she found Parth at home and was questioned about her whereabouts, leading to a confrontation. This escalated to the extent that Parth threatened his mother, resulting in her lodging a complaint with the Manjlapur police against him.

Intervention Brings Temporary Calm

Local councilors intervened, and both Parth Patel and his wife were brought to a resolution after explanations. However, tensions continued between Parth and his wife.

Moped Found Alongside Riverbank

Amidst the tense atmosphere, today, Parth Patel’s body was found in the Mahi River, flowing near Umreta village in the Anand district. Additionally, Parth Patel’s helmet was found hanging from a moped parked by the riverbank. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Parth had left home in the early morning. Local councilors and the police arrived at the riverbank. The police also took possession of the body. Parth Patel’s mysterious death has sparked numerous discussions in the locality.

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