Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Installs Tire Killer Bumps to Curb Wrong-Side Driving

If you are driving on the wrong side, your vehicle’s tires could be at risk of puncture or damage. The Municipal Corporation’s Traffic Engineering Department has now installed practical measures like ‘Tire Killer Bumps’ in the city to deter wrong-side driving. These bumps are placed at critical junctions and areas prone to wrong-side driving. Motorists are urged to comply with traffic rules to avoid any inconvenience.

In a practical initiative, near Chanakyapuri Bridge in the city’s congested area, these ‘Tire Killer Bumps’ have been installed. In the coming days, the Traffic Engineering Department will organize an event to raise awareness and encourage people to abide by traffic rules.

New Initiative to Address Traffic Woes – Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Traffic Engineering Department has introduced a novel approach to tackle wrong-side driving and traffic issues in the city. In this endeavor, they have installed Traffic Spike Speed Bumps (Tire Killer Bumps) along the Service Road near Chanakyapuri Bridge in Ghatlodia, aiming to curb unexpected incidents caused by motorists driving on the wrong side. This practical measure seeks to alleviate traffic problems effectively.

After descending from the bridge, vehicles take a turn and proceed downwards on the road below the Chanakyapuri Bridge. To address this issue, the service road on the bridge has been equipped with Tire Killer Bumps. Now, if any vehicle driver enters the service road from the wrong side and attempts to take the bridge, their vehicle’s tires will either puncture or get damaged. This measure aims to deter wrong-side driving and protect vehicle tires.

The same type of bumps will be installed on other overbridges in the city. The Traffic Engineering Department has announced that in the coming days, similar Traffic Spike Speed Jump Tire Killer Bumps will be installed on the service roads of other overbridges in the city. The Municipal Corporation is committed to facilitating smooth traffic flow on the city’s roads through various measures, including road markings, signs, and other related works.


The introduction of Tire Killer Bumps by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation represents a proactive and innovative approach to combat wrong-side driving within the city. By combining strict enforcement with an effective traffic management solution, the AMC seeks to create a safer and more orderly driving environment for its citizens. As the public adapts to this unique measure, continued vigilance, awareness, and compliance with traffic rules will play a crucial role in making Ahmedabad’s roads safer for all road users.

Niyati Rao

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