Wedding: Gangster Kala Jathedi-Lady Don Ties the Knot, Police Turn Eyewitness

The gangster Kala Jathedi and Lady Don Anuradha Chaudhary tied the knot today (12th March). Both weddings took place at a banquet hall in Dwarka Extension, Delhi. The wedding ceremony venue is approximately 12 kilometers away from Tihar Jail. Anuradha Chaudhary arrived in Delhi for the wedding. Additionally, Kala Jathedi also arrived at the wedding venue in a police convoy.

After receiving parole at 6 o’clock, Kala Jathedi, accompanied by police officers (known as ‘Janaiyas’), left at 10 in the morning. The completion of all wedding rituals was followed by Kala Jathedi’s return to jail at around 4 pm.

To ensure the safety of Kala Jathedi and Anuradha Chaudhary’s adversaries, the police implemented strict security measures. Apart from the special cell of Delhi Police and the Crime Branch, more than 150 police officers, armed with modern weapons, were stationed between the wedding procession. Additionally, nearly a thousand police officers were deployed on duty.

Guests Under Agency Radar

Both Delhi and Haryana police are closely monitoring the wedding through central agencies. The families provided a list of 150 guests to the police. These guests will receive a special security code for entry into the banquet hall. Without parking passes, vehicles will not be allowed entry.

Every staff member of the banquet hall has been issued identification cards by Delhi Police. Security measures include installing 2 metal detectors in the banquet hall. All guests will have to pass through these metal detectors. Additionally, during the wedding, Sandeep will be wearing handcuffs.

Sandeep, alias Kala Jathedi, and Anuradha Chaudhary’s many enemies are active here. To ensure no disruptions during the Gang’s wedding ceremony, Delhi Police had already tightened security. Over the past 2 days, Delhi Police teams have been busy collecting information about people staying in various guesthouses, hotels, and temples in Dwarka Extension.

Today’s Wedding, Tomorrow’s Entry

12th March marks the wedding of Gangster Sandeep, alias Kala Jathedi, and Lady Don Anuradha Chaudhary. On the following day, 13th March, there will be a housewarming ceremony in Jathedi village of Sonipat, Haryana. According to Jathedi’s lawyer, parole was granted for 6 hours on the 12th and 3 hours on the 13th of March.

Special teams comprising personnel from Delhi Police’s Special Cell, Crime Branch, SWAT, and officers from the Dwaraka Police Station have been formed. These teams include individuals trained to handle any attack using modern automatic weapons. Most of the police officers in these teams will not be wearing uniforms but formal attire.

Due to the death of Sandeep’s uncle, the wedding will be a simple affair. Sandeep had previously stated that our wedding would be simple. His uncle’s demise has led to most of the wedding plans being canceled.

First Meeting in Indore

Sandeep, alias Kala Jathedi, and Anuradha Chaudhary’s first meeting took place in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Anuradha Chaudhary herself revealed this. At the time, both were absconding in several cases. This meeting initially led to friendship, which later turned into love. During the period of their fugitive status, they stayed in a live-in relationship for 9 months. Both were arrested by Delhi Police’s Special Cell in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, in July 2021.

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