Tragic Accident: Two Sisters Suicide by Hanging, Blade Cuts; Lover’s Refusal Leads to Mishap

A shocking incident has occurred near Bhagwan Mahavir University in the sprawling area of Althan. The bodies of two sisters were found hanging from a tree in a disturbing state. Upon learning of this construction, the police contingent rushed to the scene of the incident. Currently, the police are conducting a thorough investigation into the entire matter. It was revealed that both sisters were first beaten with sticks and then hanged.

Discovery of Bodies of Two Young Women in Hanging State

In Surat, a sense of bewilderment has gripped the area upon the discovery of the bodies of two young women hanging from a tree in the Althan area. The police contingent also arrived at the scene of the incident upon learning of this construction. In addition to the bodies of both young women, injury marks were also found. The police conducted a post-mortem of both bodies at the Civil Hospital.

Injury Marks on Both Sisters’ Hands

According to sources, injury marks were found on the hands of both sisters, indicating an attempt to defend themselves from the initial assault. The situation suggests a struggle for marriage. The two sisters, Nilam Verma and Roshni Verma, originally hail from Madhya Pradesh and were working in Surat to financially support their family.

Both Sisters Demand Love Marriage

In a love affair, both sisters expressed fears of being harmed. Both sisters demanded a love marriage and were involved with young men. Refusing to participate in the love affair, both sisters were threatened, leading to their tragic end by hanging from a tree. Bodies of both young women were found hanging in a distressed state from a tree. Both sisters had injury marks on their bodies. In a tragic turn of events, both sisters were found hanging from a tree in a state of distress. The bodies of both young women had injury marks. Both sisters had signs of injuries inflicted with a blade on their hands.

Police Conduct Thorough Investigation

The police conducted an investigation to identify the relatives of the young women. The entire matter is being thoroughly investigated by the police. According to Z.R. Desai (ACP), it was reported that both young women were found hanging in a distressed state. Both sisters had injuries inflicted with a blade on their hands.

Police Question Family Members

Furthermore, it was reported that during the investigation conducted by the police, the family was reached out to, and their involvement in minor or major disputes was identified. Both sisters did not return home last night. Hence, amidst the search operations, both sisters were found hanging in a distressed state. Now, the police are conducting further investigations after noting down the sudden death case.

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