30 Truck Drivers Robbed in Vapi: Accounts Cleared

Rampant Fraud in Valsad District’s Transport Sector

In recent days, individuals with unknown identities, referred to as “Amit,” have been contacting transporters and truck drivers via phone to orchestrate online transactions. In Valsad alone, approximately 30 truck drivers and transporters have fallen victim to this scheme. Let’s delve deeper into these fraudulent practices.

Method 1: The Truck Driver Request

These fraudsters, posing as Amit, call transporters to request trucks, providing addresses where the driver should be sent. Upon reaching the scene, the impersonator instructs the driver to make a payment via Google Pay. To gain the driver’s trust, an initial transaction of 5-10 rupees is made, followed by sharing an OTP number from the driver’s phone. Once the driver shares this OTP, all funds in their account are swiftly transferred out.

Method 2: The Transporter Request

In a similar fashion, the fraudster, claiming to be Amit, calls transporters to request vehicles. They ask for a Google Pay number for payment and subsequently request a scanner be sent for an additional fee of one rupee. Once the transporter makes this payment, the scammer swiftly transfers all funds from their account.

Heightened Alert Among Transporters

Bharat Thakkar, head of the Vapi Transport Association, revealed that Amit Kumar is a fictitious character created by these fraudsters. They target truck drivers and owners primarily from Mumbai, luring them into sending or receiving goods at locations nearby. After initiating conversations regarding hiring trucks, they swiftly move on to discussing payment details and ask for account numbers and OTPs. The funds are then transferred online, and within the last month, these activities have escalated, with funds being quickly siphoned off to domestic and international destinations. This organized gang continues to exploit transporters through deceptive online transactions.

Concluding Remarks: Vigilance is Key

It’s imperative for transporters to remain vigilant and cautious. Despite the alarming statistics, many individuals have yet to come forward. We urge everyone to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. The affected individuals aren’t limited to those in Mumbai and Surat; even those in Valsad have fallen prey to these deceitful schemes. Until these perpetrators face legal consequences, their fraudulent activities will persist.

Niyati Rao

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