Fatal Head-On Truck Collision: 3 Killed in Dholera-Vataman Highway Accident

This morning, a tragic accident occurred near Pipli village on the Dholera-Vataman highway in Ahmedabad. Two trucks collided head-on, causing one of them to veer off the road. The impact resulted in severe damage to both truck cabins, leading to the unfortunate demise of three individuals inside. 

Upon receiving the report, Dholera police promptly rushed to the scene and initiated the necessary investigation procedures. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers of reckless driving and underscores the importance of adhering to road safety regulations to prevent such tragedies.

The front of the icer truck was dented

Fatal Collision Involving Trucks Near Pipli Village

A tragic accident unfolded near Pipli village involving two trucks with registration numbers GJ-01-CX-0386 and GJ-04-AT-8262. Both trucks collided head-on, causing significant damage to their fronts. The icebox truck bore a nameplate inscribed with ‘Bapa Sitaram’ along with provided mobile numbers on its side. 

Upon the sudden occurrence, locals rushed to the scene, prompting police and emergency services to intervene swiftly. Authorities are currently conducting thorough investigations and have transported the bodies of the three deceased individuals to the hospital for further examination through the assistance of the 108 emergency services.

Another truck also overturned

Tragic Accident Claims Five Lives Near Dholka

Yesterday morning, a devastating accident occurred near the Pulen Circle in Dholka, Ahmedabad, resulting in the tragic loss of five lives. A loaded dumper truck lost control and rammed into a bollard, instantly claiming the lives of all five individuals at the scene. The horrific incident left scenes of metal wreckage and grim sights of bodies trapped amidst iron bars. 

Two seriously injured individuals were rushed to the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad for urgent medical attention. Prompt police response ensued following the accident, with thorough investigations underway to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding the unfortunate event.

Traffic was affected due to the incident

Tragic Accident Involving Labourers from Dahod

Labourers from Dahod were commuting to Ranapur for their job assignments when tragedy struck near the Pulen Circle in Dholka. A devastating accident involving a bollero took place, causing chaos and turmoil. The collision led to the bollero overturning, resulting in severe injuries to the occupants trapped inside. The harrowing incident caused a stir, igniting shock and commotion in the vicinity.

After the accident, the truck went down the road

Victims and Survivors of the Accident

In the unfortunate accident, the following individuals lost their lives: Nitish Nansingh Bhilwad (aged 30), Dilip Nansingh Bhilwad, Rahul Khumsingh Bhilwad, Pramod Bharatbhai Bhilwad, and Raju Mansingh Khandara. Meanwhile, Manisha Niteshbhai Bhilwad and Ramchandra Niteshbhai Bhilwad were among the survivors who sustained injuries.

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