Tragic: 5 Dead at Dawn, Bolero Rammed Behind Dumper in Ahmedabad’s Dholka, 2 Injured

This morning, around 5 o’clock, a tragic incident occurred near the Pullen Circle, Dholka in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A Bolero exploded behind a closed damper, resulting in the sudden demise of five individuals. The scene was filled with scenes of despair as bodies lay amidst pools of blood. Two individuals sustained serious injuries and were rushed to the Ahmedabad Hospital for immediate medical attention. As investigations into the cause of the accident unfold, the police have swiftly arrived at the scene, intensifying efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.

The Bolero entered behind the closed dumper.

Tragedy Strikes as Dahod Workers Commute to Ranpur

Dahod’s laborers were commuting to Ranpur for work when tragedy struck near the Dholka Pullen Circle. As they were traveling, an accident involving a Bolero occurred. The explosion caused debris to scatter, injuring individuals who were inside the Bolero. Some were thrown onto the road in critical condition. The incident sparked immediate chaos, and the injured were rushed to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for medical attention.

Dead bodies were found in pools of blood

Deceased Individuals:

  • Nitish Nan Singh Bhilwad (Age: 30)
  • Dilip Nan Singh Bhilwad
  • Rahul Khumsingh Bhilwad
  • Pramod Bharatbhai Bhilwad
  • Raju Mansingh Khandara

Injured Individuals:

  • Manisha Niteshbhai Bhilwad
  • Ramchandra Niteshbhai Bhilwad
The accident caused an uproar

Two Injured Individuals Transferred to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

Following the accident, two injured individuals were promptly transferred to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for immediate medical attention. Presently, both patients’ conditions remain stable. One of the injured individuals is undergoing treatment in the orthopedic department of the hospital, while the other is being attended to in the surgical department. Meanwhile, the bodies of the five deceased individuals have been sent to the hospital in Dholka for postmortem examinations.

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