Shocking Hit and Run Incident Unfolds in Bhayali, Vadodara’s Suburb

A disturbing incident occurred in the sprawling Bhayali suburb of Vadodara, where chaos erupted as a woman feeding biscuits to dogs was hit by a car. The female victim was pinned beneath the car, and the driver callously fled the scene, leaving her in a dire situation. Surprisingly, no police complaint has been filed as of yet regarding this incident.

According to local witnesses, the incident transpired on Tuesday evening on the road adjacent to Sky Residency, a residential complex in Bhayali. The woman, who was residing in Sky Residency, had been feeding biscuits to stray dogs when this unfortunate event occurred.

During the early evening hours, a car, approaching from behind, collided with a woman. The impact was so severe that the woman’s body was trapped beneath the vehicle. Startled bystanders rushed to the scene, and the injured woman was immediately transported to a nearby private hospital for urgent medical care. Her injuries are reported to be quite serious, but no specific details have emerged as of yet. Notably, neither the police nor the victim have filed any official complaints regarding the incident.

In a secure neighborhood of the city, a shocking hit and run incident has sparked extensive discussions, especially after the incident’s CCTV footage went viral on social media. Late last night, the injured woman, identified as Mridusha, underwent two major surgeries and is reported to be in critical condition. Notably, the incident involved a car deliberately running over the woman who had been feeding a dog, and the CCTV footage has gained significant attention across social media platforms. The incident has triggered widespread conversations throughout the city, with concerns growing about the serious injuries sustained by the woman.

The car driver had come to a screeching halt, seeing the woman trapped underneath the vehicle.

After placing the woman under the car and causing her severe injuries, the driver, realizing the gravity of the situation, fled the scene following a push from local residents. The entire sequence of events unfolded as the driver remained in the car for a while before eventually making a hasty exit, leaving the injured woman behind. Humanitarian assistance was not extended to the driver for facilitating the woman’s transport to receive medical care.

The car driver brought the woman down to the ground, and the injured woman was seen running away suddenly.

The woman had been sitting on the ground, feeding biscuits to a dog when the car unexpectedly arrived from behind. The car, approaching swiftly, drove over the woman who had been sitting on the ground. In the midst of the chaos, people rushed to the scene after the car suddenly came to a halt.The driver, halting the car abruptly, had people pull the woman out. Subsequently, the driver swiftly left the scene.

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