Elvish Yadav Slaps Youth: No Tolerance To Disrespect Says Elvish Yadav

Renowned YouTuber Elvish Yadav, who gained fame from the reality show “Big Boss,” is currently in the spotlight in Jaipur these days. Recently, he was involved in an incident outside Town Coffee Restaurant located in Modi Nagar at around 22:00. He had a verbal altercation with a young man while leaving the restaurant. Elvish reportedly slapped the young man, and the incident was captured on video. Elvish clarified that he had to react because the young man was making derogatory comments about him.

Audio Clip Controversy: Elvish Yadav’s Response

Following the controversy on Sunday night, Elvish Yadav released an audio clip. In it, he mentioned that he prefers not to engage in fights or physical altercations and usually focuses on his work. However, he emphasized that he won’t tolerate disrespectful comments about his family members. He admitted to slapping the individual who continued to use offensive language, stating it’s his style to retaliate, but he refrains from initiating verbal abuse.

Statement from Town Coffee’s Director

Rajiv Singh, the director of Town Coffee, stated that Elvish had visited the establishment with his team, and the information regarding the incident was provided by the team itself. The altercation occurred when Elvish was seated at a table, and another customer made several comments that provoked Elvish, leading to the physical altercation. No complaints were received from either party.

Fans’ Enthusiasm Leads to Blockade

Elvish’s arrival in Jaipur was eagerly awaited by his fans, who blocked the roads upon his advance arrival at the Horizon Tower on Sunday. During this time, Elvish invited his fans to the event location through a social media post. Upon his arrival, he was greeted by a large gathering of fans. Elvish was taken to the GT Mall to avoid the blockade.

Security Concerns and Fan Interactions

Upon reaching the venue, Elvish encountered security concerns, leading to a commotion at the main entrance. Police officers used batons to disperse the crowd. However, after a brief moment, Elvish returned to address his fans, expressing his desire to meet them despite security issues. He assured them of his presence and engaged in interactions with fans on the balcony.

Singing and Bowling

Upon his return, Elvish played his song “Chhora Raav Saheb Ka” on the DJ and expressed his gratitude to his friends for the overwhelming support. He explained that the commotion was due to a misunderstanding caused by his friend’s queue, which had been waiting for a long time. He expressed excitement about spending time with friends and bowling. During this time, he also requested his fans to cooperate with the police and security arrangements to ensure a smooth event.

Security Measures Prompt Location Change

Due to security concerns, it was announced by the authorities that three hotels will be changed within a day. The rush to relocate was fueled by a large crowd converging at one location. Elvis was transported in different vehicles to maintain anonymity regarding his whereabouts. A team of over 100 bouncers has been deployed in Jaipur for his security. It was necessary to ensure a five-tier security level for the event attendees to access the program venue.

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