Disorder Outside Ideal School in Odhav: School Ordered to Lose 25% Grant and Close 4 Classes for Forcibly Removing Teacher

A teacher at an ideal school in Odhav, Ahmedabad, was dismissed by the school management for allegedly engaging in misconduct. The school management wrongfully terminated the teacher, prompting a complaint to be filed with the District Education Officer’s (DEO) office. Following an investigation initiated by the DEO, it was found that the school had unlawfully removed the teacher from their position. As a result, the DEO has instructed the school to reinstate the teacher and has ordered the suspension of the school’s grant until further notice.

A teacher at Darshan School in Odhav had resigned from their position citing improper conduct. A complaint was filed by the teacher regarding this matter with the District Education Officer (DEO). Upon investigation initiated by the DEO, it was discovered that the teacher was unfairly coerced into resigning through deceitful means by the school. During the investigation at the school, evidence surfaced indicating that the teacher was forced to resign under false pretenses. It was found that the school had only requested proof of identity on letterhead paper and had not requested any other documents. As a result, it became evident that the school had violated the DEO’s orders, leading to strict action being taken against the school.

DEO Rohit Chaudhary has informed that the school, which engaged in the malpractice, will have 25% of its grant withheld. Furthermore, an order has been issued to freeze all four categories of the school. A directive has been issued to withhold 100% of the school’s grant, and a letter will also be written to the Commissioner to take action against the school’s management for misappropriation of government funds.

Niyati Rao

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