Bulgarian Girl’s Revelation: Rajiv Modi Case Inquiry Unveils Suppressed Complaint and Forced Compromise by Police

In a noteworthy turn of events, before the rape complaint was officially filed against Cadila’s Rajiv Modi, the Bulgarian girl involved in the case took a significant step by submitting an application to the High Court, urging them not to entertain her complaint. Subsequently, she brought forth serious allegations against Woman ACP Himala Joshi, altering the trajectory of the investigation. Now, as the inquiry process commences today, a concerted effort is underway to delve into the events preceding the formal complaint, with a specific focus on understanding the actions of the police and any external influences at play.

The inquiry aims to uncover the intricacies of the Bulgarian girl’s initial attempt to prevent her complaint from being entertained by the High Court. The allegations against Woman ACP Himala Joshi add a layer of complexity, prompting a thorough examination into the conduct of law enforcement officials and potential external pressures that may have shaped the unfolding of events. The objective is to ascertain the circumstances leading to the suppression of the initial complaint and the subsequent redirection of the investigation.

Central to this inquiry is the comprehensive questioning of the Bulgarian girl, seeking insights into the specific individuals, including police officers and others, who may have allegedly coerced or influenced her decision-making process.

Initiating Inquiry into Allegations: Bulgarian Girl’s Complaint Against Cadila’s CMD Rajiv Modi

In a noteworthy development, the Bulgarian girl who filed a molestation complaint against Cadila’s CMD, Rajiv Modi, is set to unveil critical details involving the Ahmedabad police. Allegations have surfaced, implicating certain police officers and personnel who are accused of pressuring the girl to reach a settlement in the case. Commencing today, an inquiry is underway to thoroughly investigate these claims and bring clarity to the circumstances surrounding this sensitive matter.

The inquiry aims to delve into the entire sequence of events, focusing on the allegations against specific police officers and personnel who purportedly exerted influence on the complainant to resolve the case. The accusations raise concerns about potential misconduct and interference, warranting a meticulous examination of the conduct of those involved in the investigation.

Rajiv Modi, CMD, Cadila

Exclusive Focus on Police Personnel in Upcoming Inquiry

As the inquiry into the molestation complaint against CMD Rajiv Modi of Cadila Pharmaceuticals unfolds, serious allegations have emerged from the Bulgarian girl involved in the case. The girl contends that a police officer urged her to abandon the case, sparking suspicions that certain individuals may have sought to influence law enforcement to protect Rajiv Modi. To ascertain the validity of these claims, an inquiry is set to commence today, exclusively concentrating on the involvement of police personnel in this matter.

The focus of the inquiry is narrow but crucial, centering on whether any police officers acted inappropriately or attempted to interfere with the legal process. If substantiated, these allegations could point to a breach of ethical conduct within the police force, potentially compromising the integrity of the investigation into Rajiv Modi.

Preliminary Inquiry by Special Police: Unraveling the Bulgarian Girl’s Allegations

In a distinctive move, a preliminary inquiry preceding the involvement of special police is set to commence, addressing critical questions surrounding the molestation complaint filed by the Bulgarian girl against CMD Rajiv Modi of Cadila Pharmaceuticals. The focus of this inquiry is multifaceted, seeking answers as to why a formal complaint was not initially registered and aiming to ascertain the veracity of the allegations raised by the Bulgarian girl.

Central to the inquiry is the opportunity provided to the Bulgarian girl to present her side of the story, including any evidence she may possess to substantiate her claims. The objective is to ensure a fair and thorough examination of the case, shedding light on the circumstances that led to the delayed registration of the complaint and addressing any potential hindrances she faced.

Rajiv Modi, Property

Global Reach: Issuing Summons Abroad in Ongoing Bulgarian Girl’s Complaint Investigation

In the wake of the molestation complaint filed by the Bulgarian girl against CMD Rajiv Modi of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, the investigation faces a unique challenge as key individuals, including the accused and other pertinent figures, are currently residing abroad. Despite the majority of statements being pending due to their overseas locations, the Ahmedabad Police is actively working to establish contact and secure their cooperation in the ongoing inquiry.

To bridge the geographical gap, the Ahmedabad Police is utilizing email communication to gather comprehensive details regarding the residence of the accused and other significant individuals, both in India and abroad. This meticulous approach aims to streamline the process of issuing summons, ensuring that individuals critical to the investigation are reached and presented with the opportunity to provide their statements.

Preparations have been diligently made to facilitate the issuance of summons, even in instances where the involved parties are located overseas. This proactive measure underscores the commitment of the Ahmedabad Police to conduct a thorough and inclusive investigation, irrespective of the geographical challenges posed by the international residence of the accused and other key persons associated with the case.

Notice Posted at Charodi Farmhouse: A Crucial Step in the Rajiv Modi Rape Complaint Investigation

In the ongoing investigation into the rape complaint filed by a Bulgarian girl against Rajiv Modi, CMD of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, the police have made significant strides. Statements have been obtained from a diverse array of individuals, comprising the security guard, cook, cleaning staff, and employees associated with Rajiv Modi’s farm house at Charodi. This comprehensive approach is aimed at gathering insights from various perspectives to construct a thorough understanding of the events surrounding the alleged incident.

Regrettably, when the complaint was lodged, Rajiv Modi was not available to meet with the police, having left the country. As a result, in an effort to secure his cooperation and facilitate the investigation, the police have taken the step of posting a notice prominently on the wall of the farm house. This notice serves as an official communication, urging Rajiv Modi to present himself before the authorities to provide his statement and contribute to the ongoing inquiry.

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