Bulgarian Girl Urges FIR Against Cadila’s CMD: Allegations of Human Trafficking Ignite Controversy

Allegations of Sexual Assault Against CMD of Leading Pharma Company

A 27-year-old Bulgarian woman working as a personal assistant to the CMD in the renowned Kedila Pharma company in Ahmedabad filed an FIR in the Gujarat High Court against CMD Rajiv Modi and another individual under IPC sections 376, 354, 323, 504, and 506. After the court rejected her plea, the woman approached the Gujarat High Court, demanding a thorough investigation. She accused Rajiv Modi and others of rape, sexual assault, and human trafficking, revealing a modus operandi to trap young women with the involvement of female police officers. The court will hear this case on December 4, following the rejection of her complaint against the company’s CMD and HR Johnson Mathew earlier.

Human Trafficking Complaint Filed by the Victim

In a complaint titled “Human Trafficking,” the victim highlighted the involvement of CMD Rajiv Modi and HR Johnson Mathew from the Kedila Pharma company. When the victim approached the Vastral Women’s Police with her complaint, ACP Himali Joshi met with the accused to facilitate an affidavit, which was not recorded by the police but only acknowledged in the court’s proceedings. The victim has requested the safekeeping of CCTV footage from the police station, along with checking the data from the CCTV and the accused’s mobile phone and laptop during the incident.

37 Foreign and Indian Women Employed in the Company

According to available information, the alleged misconduct by CMD Rajiv Modi has already been settled, involving a payment of 200 crores to his wife. Between December 2021 and March 2023, approximately 37 foreign and Indian women worked for the Kedila Pharma company. Most of them held the position of air hostesses. The company provided them with accommodation and a package ranging from 48 lakhs to 1.20 crores. It’s noteworthy that female employees received better packages than those who worked for more extended periods.

Offering Three Package Options to Retain Female Employees

CMD Rajiv Modi allegedly offered female employees three different package options when he traveled abroad for business. If any female employee spent more than a year with the company, she would receive a lucrative package, along with the opportunity to retain her job as a flight attendant in Modi’s private jet. Additionally, he attempted to negotiate discounts for female employees on business visas for India. In case the female employees on business visas faced any issues, they were promised assistance in returning to their home countries.

Allegations of Collusion with Officials Associated with Foreign Service

Not only did the victim accuse the police but officials associated with foreign service were also alleged to have colluded with the accused. In a video, the victim disclosed that ACP Himali Joshi took her sim card, sent her a necessary email, and, without any pressure from the police, provided an affidavit. No investigations were conducted into the CCTV footage from the police station. Moreover, the victim has requested the safeguarding of CCTV recordings from the police station and a check of the data from the CCTV, accused’s mobile phone, and laptop during the incident.

Exploiting the Victim’s Vulnerable Situation

At one point when the victim was in distress and lacked shelter, the accused CMD Rajiv Modi took advantage of her vulnerable situation and exploited her confidential information. The victim claimed that in 2023, when there was no COVID-19 in India, she tested COVID-19 positive in the hospital, which was a designated COVID-19 hospital owned by the Kedila Pharma company, where she was isolated. She also received threats. Earlier instances suggest that similar incidents have occurred with other young women, who were unable to raise their voices, and the victim has a list of such women.

Victim Abused with Racial Slurs

The victim, who had joined the Kedila Pharma company in Ahmedabad through a job solution company in 2022, was initially based in Ahmedabad but later traveled to various places like Udaipur and Jammu with CMD Rajiv Modi. However, when CMD tried to get her a job in Jammu, he insisted that she should not have any relationship outside the company. Eventually, when she started facing racial discrimination and abuse, the victim left her job and returned to Bulgaria.

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