Deceased ASI’s Family Pressures Ahmedabad Officials for Two Years Over Pension, CP Finally Addresses Concerns

In the city of Ahmedabad, Devdass Nagarkar, originally from Maharashtra, had served as an ASI. He left behind a family consisting of his wife, son, and daughter-in-law. In 2021, Devdass Nagarkar passed away due to a heart attack. Subsequently, his family faced difficulties in securing his pension, leading them to struggle with the bureaucratic hurdles at government offices. Unable to receive the pension, they went through financial hardships. After being identified, they sought advice from the Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner, who, in turn, directed officials to promptly initiate the pension.

Comprehensive Investigation Led by CP

Following this, a comprehensive investigation was ordered by the Police Commissioner, Mr. J.S. Malik. It was revealed that a widow was distressed about her pension. Constantly facing difficulties at government offices, she had received no assistance. When she approached the police commissioner with her grievances, he intervened, ensuring the restoration of her pension. This prompted a broader inquiry by the DCB (Detection of Crime Branch) officials.

Sole Breadwinner in the Family

The family of ASI Devdass Nagarkar, who served in the Ahmedabad City Police, faced financial challenges after his demise. His son Rajesh Nagarkar has been working as a home guard since 2012, living on a meager salary. After deducting the rent of their house from the monthly income of Rs. 12,000, they are left with only Rs. 7,000. Rajesh, being the sole earning member, struggles to manage the household with just Rs. 5,000 remaining after expenses.

ASI Suspended

Rajesh’s maternal uncle Vishwanath Nagarkar, due to his ailing sister-in-law, took Rajesh into his home, sparing him the burden of rent. Vishwanath revealed that Rajesh’s elder brother was suspended posthumously at the age of 68 due to a heart attack. The suspension took place after he absconded during a court case in 2004. However, after the brother’s demise, the court case was closed.

Assistance to the Family by Ahmedabad CP

Understanding the plight of the Police Commissioner’s family, Mr. Jnanendra Singh Malik took immediate action to expedite the pension process. Rajesh Nagarkar’s family will start receiving the pension from the current month. This assistance aims to provide support to the Nagarkar family during this challenging time. Once the necessary paperwork is completed, including death certificates, Aadhar cards, and PAN cards, the family will receive the due benefits. In case of further financial struggles, the Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner’s office is ready to extend additional help to the family members.

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