Tragic Incident: Man Dies in Scooter Accident 21 Days Before Wedding

A young man, on his way to purchase items for his upcoming wedding in Bhavnagar, met with a fatal accident. As he navigated near Jewellers Circle, a sudden burst tyre caused him to lose control, leading to a collision with a scooter. The impact was severe, and despite immediate medical attention at the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries shortly after. The atmosphere in the family, busy with wedding preparations just 21 days prior, is now shrouded in grief.

Unexpected Tragedy Strikes Groom-to-Be Amid Wedding Preparations

Sumit, also known as Samat Babariya, residing in the Boratalav area of Bhavnagar city, was scheduled to marry on March 6. Sumit and his family were engrossed in wedding preparations when he had to step out to make a purchase. While passing near Jewellers Circle, Sumit encountered the burst tyre incident, resulting in a fatal accident on his scooter. He was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries, where he tragically passed away after a brief struggle.

Mourning Amidst Wedding Preparations in Bhavnagar

The Babariya family, residents of Bhavnagar city, had been diligently preparing for their son’s wedding in March. Sumit, the groom-to-be, was actively involved in the preparations. However, the news of his sudden demise due to an accident has left the Babariya family in shock and mourning.

The deceased, Sandeep Sardarnagar, worked in a shop in Sardarnagar, managing the family’s livelihood. Apart from Sandeep, the family consists of two brothers: the elder, Narasinhbhai, and the younger, Tulsibhai. Following the unexpected tragedy, the police from Nilambag Pol arrived at the scene for further investigation.

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