Vadodara Woman Attacked by Four Men for Asking to Stop Smoking

In the expanses of Pratapnagar in Vadodara, female security guards confronted youths for smoking in a shopping complex, leading to a physical altercation. Subsequently, the situation escalated as some individuals attempted an assault on the woman using sticks. The scuffle dispersed when onlookers intervened. The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras, aiding the Makarpura police in conducting a thorough investigation.

The Complete Incident: Assault and Intimidation

According to the complaint filed at the Makarpura police station by the female security guard, four youths physically assaulted her, pulling her hair and subjecting her to verbal abuse. One of the attackers, wearing a black shirt, struck her forcefully on the head and issued threats, stating that she would not survive.

Youths Resort to Assault Over a Cigarette

In front of the police headquarters in Vadodara, a woman was on duty at the shopping complex early in the morning. During this time, some youths arrived around 1 PM and began smoking cigarettes. The female security guard grew suspicious that they might be consuming other substances, leading to a verbal altercation. The situation intensified as the youths engaged in aggressive behavior towards the woman, resulting in a commotion.

Assault on the Female Guard Provokes Public Outcry

As the woman resisted, a crowd gathered, and the youths physically assaulted her. In response, the security guard, supported by the public, retaliated, leading to a temporary resolution of the conflict. Subsequently, the youths retreated, avoiding further confrontation. The woman lodged a formal complaint at the Makarpura police station, urging a thorough investigation.

CCTV Footage Unravels the Entire Incident

The entire sequence of events, including the assault on the female security guard, was captured on CCTV cameras. The Makarpura police are utilizing this footage to identify and apprehend the alleged perpetrators. Primary investigations have identified four youths involved in the assault, one of whom is known to frequent the Dabhoi Road area, and is also allegedly involved in criminal activities at the Panigate police station.

Woman Security Guard Subjected to Intimidation

The female security guard reported that the four youths were smoking cigarettes, and when she confronted them, they verbally abused her. Feeling threatened, she retreated into a salon, where the youths pursued her, physically assaulting her with a stick. Following this incident, the woman filed a formal complaint with the Makarpura police, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced security measures to protect women in various localities across Vadodara.

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