GETCO Kneel: Pole Test Exemption for Written Test Cleared Candidates

Getco conducted an examination for the recruitment of an Electrical Assistant through a pole test. Due to errors in the examination process, candidates were affected, leading to protests outside Getco’s office in Vadodara for two days. Following this, Getco decided to cancel the pole test for all candidates. However, candidates who had already taken a written exam will not be required to undergo a written exam again. The new schedule for the pole test and written exam has been announced.

Announcement of Pole Test and Written Exam Schedule

Getco has announced in a letter that the recruitment for the position of Electrical Assistant (Electrician Assistant) will involve a pole test conducted from 06-03-2023 to 13-03-2023. Candidates who passed the pole test earlier had to undergo a written exam at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, on 09-09-2023. However, due to irregularities revealed in the investigation committee’s report, the recruitment process scheduled for 19-12-2023 has been canceled and will be reinitiated later. Candidates who previously passed the pole test will not need to take the written exam.

Suspension of 6 Engineers

After the investigation committee’s report revealed negligence on the part of 6 engineers regarding the pole climbing test guidelines, they have been suspended. The suspension letter to the engineers states that they did not adhere to the instructions provided for the pole climbing test.

Names of Suspended Employees:

  • K. H. Parmar, Deputy Engineer, T. R. Division, Mehsana
  • S. R. Yadav, Executive Engineer, T. R. Division, Dhanera
  • D. J. Chaudhari, Executive Engineer, 400kv, Veluda, Mehsana, T. R. Circle
  • A. P. Bhabor, Executive Engineer, Bharuch
  • J. G. Patel, Executive Engineer, Navsari

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