Attempt to Rescue 10-Foot Borewell-Trapped Child Ends in Heartbreak

Near the construction site in Yogi Nagar Township, Vadodara, a child fell into a borewell, prompting an immediate response from the Fire Brigade Team and the police. The child was trapped about 10 to 15 feet deep in a narrow pit. The rescue operation began promptly, and the rescue team successfully brought the child out within minutes, but unfortunately, the child lost consciousness during the incident.

Unfortunate Demise of the Child and Investigation Details

The unfortunate incident resulted in the tragic loss of the child named Tapur Ray (age 4). Despite the efforts made by the rescue team, the child could not be saved. The construction site’s pit, where the child fell, was thoroughly inspected by the police after the incident. A post-mortem was conducted on the child’s body.

Timeline of the Incident from the Borewell Fall to the Rescue Operation…

Around 11 AM, the parents of the child, who lived near the accident site, noticed their child missing. The child had wandered into the fields adjacent to the construction area, where excavation work was ongoing. While attempting to create a play area for her daughter, the mother accidentally dug an 8 to 10 feet deep pit. The family members realized the child had fallen into the pit and immediately started rescue efforts. The Fire Brigade was informed around 11:30 AM, and they reached the site within 15 minutes by 11:45 AM.

Slim Chance of Survival If Fallen Straight, But Miraculous Rescue Effort

The Fire Brigade, equipped with machinery, rescued the child within 20 minutes. The child was immediately rushed to Sayaji Hospital for medical attention, where, unfortunately, she was declared dead by the attending doctor. The child had fallen headfirst into the pit, and if she had landed differently, there might have been a chance of survival.

Completion of Today’s Work – The Perspective of the Field Owner

Hitesh Patel, the field owner, stated that laborers were working to construct a pit for pipeline purposes, and today’s work involved the completion of the pipeline. The accident occurred when the child accidentally fell into the pit. The incident has brought immense sorrow to the family.

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