Tragic Love Story: Couple Stabs Themselves in Rajkot University Police Station, One Dead

In a tragic incident at Rajkot University Police Station, a young couple attempted suicide using sharp weapons, resulting in the death of the girlfriend at the scene. When the young man’s condition became critical, he was rushed to Civil Hospital for treatment.

This incident has sparked discussions once again within Rajkot Police. Last night, a young couple from the Virani Gaam area of Kutch had fled their homes and reached Rajkot. Presently, the police are thoroughly investigating the entire matter. Notably, the police station will be held accountable for any negligence in handling the serious incident that occurred within its premises.

Premika Found Dead at Incident Site

According to available information, a tragic incident occurred at the Rajkot University Police Station where a resident of the prominent village of Nakhatrana in Kutch district, the girlfriend of the victim, attempted suicide at the civil service center within the police station premises. Unfortunately, the girlfriend passed away at the scene of the incident, while the boyfriend, upon sustaining serious injuries, is currently undergoing surgery at Rajkot Civil Hospital. Upon learning of the situation, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) officials rushed to the police station and took necessary action.

Nakhatrana Police Informed

Rajkot Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for Zone 2, Sudhir Desai, revealed that on April 2nd, Vinod Gopal Satvara (age 19) and Puja Rupa Bhadra (age 23) were reported missing from their respective homes, indicating a romantic relationship between them. Concerned about this development, Nakhatrana Police initiated an investigation based on the missing person report filed on April 3rd. Upon determining their location to be in Rajkot, local police were informed and brought to the attention of Rajkot University Police Station for further inquiry.

Premi-Pankhidan Locked from Inside

Suddenly, the lovers locked the door from the inside and attempted suicide by cutting their wrists with a sharp weapon. The incident resulted in the death of the lover at the scene itself, while the lover was rushed to Civil Hospital for immediate medical attention. The surgery for the survivor is underway. Currently, the police are conducting necessary procedures, including post-mortem examination of the deceased’s body. It is noteworthy that this incident, which occurred at Rajkot Police Station, has posed a challenge for the attending police personnel. The presence of all lovers in the civilian facility raises questions about why they were kept there instead of being kept under police supervision, posing a significant challenge for the authorities. The responsible authorities will have to address why they were kept alone and unattended, which is the most significant question.

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