12 Indians Arrested in Britain for Illegal Work in Cake Factory, Including a Woman: Allegations of Visa Violations

12 Indians have been arrested in Britain, including a woman. They were all engaged in illegal work in garment and cake factories. They are also accused of violating visa regulations. British immigration officials provided information on Thursday night.

Raids on Factories in West Midlands

According to a Home Office report in Britain, immigration enforcement officials raided a factory making garments in the West Midlands region of England. Officials found that illegal work was being carried out here.

Arrests from Cake Factory

According to the report, 4 people were arrested from a cake factory, and 7 Indians were arrested from a factory making garments. At the same time, 4 people were nabbed from a nearby cake factory. All four face visa violation charges. Apart from this, an Indian woman has also been arrested on charges of immigration crime.

Repatriation to India Possible

According to officials, those arrested can be repatriated to India after due process. If the investigation is not completed, they may be kept in custody.

Indians Illegally Entering Britain

According to reports in The Times, more than 233 Indians had illegally crossed the English Channel by small boats in 2022. By 2023, this figure had exceeded 250 in just one month. With this, Indian groups have become the largest group after Afghan and Syrian people to do so subsequently.

Mass Deportation from Britain

In November 2022, the British Home Office had released a list of people who had illegally entered Britain by crossing the English Channel. According to this, the majority of those who reached Britain in the first 6 months of 2022 were Albanians (51%), Afghans (18%), and Iranians (15%). Indians were not mentioned in this list.

Drug Smuggling, Murder of Police Officer’s Son: Indian Couple Jailed in Britain

In February, a British court sentenced an Indian couple to 33 years in prison. This couple was accused of drug smuggling. According to Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), Aarti and Kavaljit Singh Rajjadad had carried out a drug smuggling operation worth ₹600 crore, involving 514 kg of cocaine, in Australia. They were arrested in Henvel city in 2021. They were also accused of murdering their 11-year-old son. On this matter, the Indian government had demanded the extradition of this couple from the British government.

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