Rajkot Kshatriya Asmita Assembly : Over 500 Buses, 1,000+ Vehicles Expected

The Kshatriya community has organized a grand assembly of Kshatriya Asmita near Ratnapar, close to Rajkot, on Sunday, April 14, to demand the withdrawal of the ticket of the best male candidate of the BJP from Rajkot Lok Sabha. This assembly will see the presence of a large number of brothers and sisters from the Kshatriya community from various cities of the state. To ensure maximum attendance at the assembly, the Rajput Collection Committee is providing instructions through the society’s WhatsApp group and social media platforms. More than 500 luxury buses and over a thousand vehicles are expected to transport Kshatriyas to the Rajkot assembly.

Bus Information until Saturday Night

Until Saturday night, information regarding buses will be provided. Over 30 buses and more than 100 vehicles from various areas of Ahmedabad will transport people to Rajkot. Arrangements are being made to bring and take Kshatriya brothers and sisters from every area of Ahmedabad to Rajkot. Those wishing to attend need to register themselves, and the society will keep them informed of the departure points for buses on Saturday night.

Committee’s Notice for Timely Attendance at the Assembly

Efforts are being made by the Rajput Collection Committee to ensure that those who intend to attend the Kshatriya Asmita Assembly event. The Committee is providing several suggestions to achieve this goal and has instructed individuals to remain vigilant against any hindrances and arrive at the assembly ground before the scheduled time.

Some Recommendations by the Rajput Collection Committee

  • Cooperation is requested to park cars and buses properly in designated areas across different districts of Gujarat to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Before the commencement of the assembly, participants are advised to gather at the venue and take their seats as per the arrangements made on the ground.
  • The entire event will be live-streamed on your FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE page.
  • No media byte or slogans should be given in the media or on the roads.
  • Participants are urged not to engage in any conflicts while leaving their homes and during travel.
  • Support the police team for government arrangements on the roads, and avoid parking vehicles at any location causing traffic congestion.
  • Two individuals from each bus will be designated as responsible and their contact numbers provided to all passengers.
  • Stickers/banners provided by the Committee should be affixed to your car or bus front or rear as required. (Such as Kshatriya Pride Assembly – District/Taluka Name)
  • Every individual attending the assembly in Rajkot must carry their Aadhaar card and driving license.

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