Heart Attack: Tragedy Strikes as a 22-Year-Old Doctor Rajkot, 17-Year-Old Boy Mehsana, and Two Middle-Aged Men Succumb to Sudden Deaths

Concerns Rise as Sudden Deaths Due to Heart Attacks Increase in the State

In recent days, there has been a concerning rise in incidents where individuals have experienced chest pain before succumbing to a heart attack, leading to fatalities. Amidst this, a 22-year-old doctor in Rajkot and two young men in Surat have lost their lives after experiencing chest discomfort. The sudden deaths have created an atmosphere of grief among the families of the deceased.

22-Year-Old Doctor from Rajkot Succumbs to Heart Attack

Rajkot’s Gokul Hospital is in mourning as 22-year-old Dr. Avinash Vaishnav has tragically passed away due to a heart attack. Despite his young age, the medical officer at the hospital fell victim to a sudden cardiac event, leaving hospital staff and family members shocked and grief-stricken. Dr. Avinash Vaishnav, who resided in the Satellite Chowk area near D.K. School on Morbi Road in Rajkot, served as a medical officer at the health center and had also completed an internship at a health facility in Shapar.

Hospital Staff Stunned by the Death of Doctor, Who Succumbed to Heart Attack

Dr. Avinash, who was on night duty at the hospital, came home on Saturday morning after completing his night shift. He mentioned feeling unwell and not being able to get up when his father, Goradhanbhai, went to wake him up around 9 AM. Concerned about his son not responding, the family immediately rushed him to Gokul Hospital. Despite prompt medical attention from fellow doctors, Avinash’s heart took a fatal turn. The hospital staff, upon announcing the doctor’s demise, was left in shock, and the atmosphere in the family turned somber as the news unfolded.

Concerns Arise Over Death from Heart Attack

According to the deceased’s father, Dr. Avinash was the younger of the two brothers. After completing his B.A.M.S. degree in Ayurvedic medicine, he worked as a Medical Officer at Gokul Hospital. He had no known health issues, and the sudden demise due to a heart attack came as a shock to the family. The post-mortem was conducted to ascertain the cause of death, revealing that primary investigations indicated a heart attack as the cause of the untimely demise. It is noteworthy that, according to medical experts, a heart attack as the primary cause of death is a common occurrence.

Young Man Succumbs to Heart Attack in Mahesana

In another unfortunate incident in Mahesana district, a 17-year-old youth, studying in class 12, lost his life to a sudden heart attack. The young man, identified as Sedyabhai Rabari, experienced a heart attack while sleeping at night. The incident led to a sense of grief among the locals, and his family discovered the unfortunate event when he did not wake up the next morning. The family rushed him to Dharapur Hospital, where the doctor declared him dead. It is reported that the family is grappling with the shock of losing a young member, adding to the increasing instances of heart-related fatalities among the youth in the state.

Two Heart Attack Cases Reported in Surat

Surat witnessed two distressing incidents related to heart attacks, adding to the rising concern over cardiovascular issues. In Varachha and Utran areas, two individuals experienced chest pain, leading to their unfortunate demise. The families of both victims are now engulfed in an atmosphere of mourning and sorrow.

In the first case, Praveenbhai Laxmanbhai Kukadiya, aged 55, who owned a furniture shop named after his father Sitaram, was present at his shop when he suddenly experienced chest pain. His son, Parth, immediately rushed him to the hospital, but despite prompt medical attention, the doctors declared him dead.

In the second case, Ramashish Lalji Nishad, aged 45, residing near the Kabrastan Char Rasta in Palanpur Jakatnaka, felt chest pain. Both the victims were quickly taken to hospitals where, unfortunately, they could not be saved. The exact cause of death will be confirmed after the post-mortem reports are available. The incidents highlight the urgency of addressing heart health concerns and promoting awareness in the community.

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