Major Seizure in Unjha: 24,718 kg of Suspected Cumin Unearthed in Food Team Raid, Also Discovers Fennel and Jaggery Vaccine

It seems like there have been concerns about fake cumin (jeera) production in the vicinity of Unjha, and recently, suspicious batches of cumin seeds, adulterated with a mixture of mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and powder, have been discovered from a noisy factory. The Food Department’s team has collected samples for investigation. On the other hand, factory management claims that the batch found in their factory is actually animal feed, and they have been demanded a sum of 15 lakhs by the authorities for further examination. Authorities have assessed the merchant’s claim as baseless after counting the complaints from traders.

From a large factory on Gangapur Road in the Unjha taluka of Mehsana district, 24,718 kilograms of suspected adulterated cumin (jeera), 258 kilograms of mixed powder, 643 liters of liquid jaggery, and 5298 kilograms of fenugreek seeds were discovered by the Mehsana district food officer V.J. Chaudhari and his team. The food department’s team has collected samples from the site for further investigation. The factory, equipped with various machinery and employing several people, has come under scrutiny for these suspicious substances.

Vendor Claims Animal Feed: Suspicious Jeera Find in Factory

The food department’s team, which collected samples for investigation, has encountered claims from the factory owner Dharmendra Patel that the cumin found is actually intended for animal consumption. Patel stated that the cumin is utilized in animal feed, incorporating maize bran and liquid jaggery-soaked fenugreek seeds. According to Patel, this animal feed is sold at a rate of Rs. 7 per kilogram, making it accessible to local communities for feeding livestock.

Official Faces Allegations of Demanding 15 Lakh Bribe During Inspection

Dharmendra Patel, the factory owner, alleged that an official from the food department demanded a bribe of 15 lakhs from him during the inspection. The accusation was made by Patel, and the food department official, V.J. Chaudhari, has been accused of corruption in connection with the trader’s complaint.

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