Gas Leak at Nandesari Company in Vadodara: Four Workers Exposed, Victim Under Treatment

In the unfortunate backdrop of Nandesari GIDC in Vadodara, where workers have frequently faced perilous mishaps, another tragic incident unfolded today. Alindra Pharmachem Private Limited, a company situated in Nandesari Industrial Estate, experienced a gas leak during its material-making operation, resulting from the breakdown of a bearing. The incident had dire consequences, affecting four workers who were exposed to poisonous gas.

The workers, identified as Dinesh, Harshad, and Surendra, among others, bore the brunt of the gas leak. In an urgent response to the crisis, they were promptly shifted to Deepak Medical Foundation in Nandesari for immediate medical attention. Presently, they are undergoing treatment under the care of medical professionals at the facility.

Alindra Pharmachem Private Limited

Health Hazard Emerges as Poisonous Gas Leak Affects Workers in Nandesari Industrial Zone

A concerning situation unfolded today in Nandesari as four workers fell ill due to exposure to poisonous gas during a gas leak at Alindra Pharmachem Pvt Ltd. The incident sheds light on a broader issue, wherein various companies located in Nandesari are reportedly releasing toxic gases into the open air every six hours. This recurring practice poses significant health risks to both the surrounding villagers and workers in the area.

The affected workers were promptly transferred to the Deepak Medical Foundation in Nandesari for immediate medical attention. The gravity of the situation prompted the intervention of the Nandesari Police Station, Vadodara, which was informed about the incident. Subsequently, the police arrived at the scene to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

Police Respond Swiftly to Gas Leak Incident

Police Respond Swiftly to Gas Leak Incident in Nandesari Industrial Zone

Following the recent gas leak incident at Alindra Pharmachem Pvt Ltd in Nandesari, the local police acted promptly upon receiving the information. The incident highlights a systemic failure to curb the recurring accidents and toxic gas leaks in the Nandesari region. In response to this ongoing concern, villagers have expressed their frustration, directing their ire towards the factory inspector and the Gujarat Pollution Control Board.

P.I. R. Sangada of Nandesari Police Station commented on the situation, stating, “We reached the site upon receiving information about the gas leakage at the company. An investigation into the entire matter has been initiated, and affected workers have been swiftly shifted for medical treatment.”

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