Mysterious Incident: Youth Found Dead in Vadodara’s 150-Foot Well, Father’s Agony

In the village of Rupapura near Vadodara city, a 150-foot deep well has become the site of a mysterious incident where a person meets a tragic fate. TP-13 Fire Brigade, upon receiving reports of the incident involving armed personnel, rushed to the scene where they retrieved the body of a young man from the depths of the well and handed it over to the police. The police, taken aback by the sudden death, initiated further investigation, revealing the mental disability of the youth brought to the surface during the ordeal. Amidst the chaos, relatives of the deceased expressed their grief in stone silence.

Retrieval of Body from Well: A Challenging Operation

According to available information, in a mysterious incident near Vadodara, 35-year-old Rupesh Sureshbhai Parmar was found under mysterious circumstances in a 150-foot deep well. Upon learning of the incident, his family members rushed to the scene. Alongside them, TP-13 fire station personnel immediately conducted a rescue operation by retrieving the body of the deceased youth from the depths of the well to conduct further investigation.

Complex Rescue Operation: Recovery Efforts Underway

The fire brigade initiated a specialized rescue operation using safety equipment, successfully retrieving the body of the deceased youth from the 150-foot deep well amidst significant challenges. Following the retrieval, the body was brought to the surface, eliciting heavy emotions from the gathered crowd. Meanwhile, the police took possession of the body, commencing post-mortem procedures. The complex nature of the incident prompted the police to register a case and conduct further investigation. During the police inquiry, it was revealed that Rupesh Parmar was mentally disabled.

Father’s Agony Beside Son’s Body

As the deceased’s body was being retrieved from the well, his father could not contain his anguish, breaking down in tears. Placing his hand on his son’s head, the father was visibly distraught, surrounded by onlookers. Amidst the emotional turmoil, the police took charge, documenting the incident and proceeding with the investigation. The police’s initial examination revealed Rupesh Parmar’s mental disability.

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