Breaking News: Todkand Case Strengthens Against Taral Bhatt; Co-accused PI Gohil and ASI Jani Designated as New Witnesses

In the ongoing Todkand case in Junagadh, there have been significant developments involving three suspects. PI A.M. Gohil and ASI Deepak Jani have been appointed as witnesses by the ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad). This move to designate them as key witnesses marks a crucial shift in the legal proceedings. Prior to strengthening the case against Taral Bhatt, both Gohil and Jani had provided statements under Section 164, detailing their involvement and shedding light on Bhatt’s alleged actions. 

Following their testimony, Taral Bhatt was apprehended. The ATS has also submitted a report to the Home Department regarding the collaboration between Bhatt, PI Gohil, and ASI Jani in the Todkand incident. It’s worth noting that ATS will report any further developments in this case to the court, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the meticulousness of the investigation.

FIR Lodged by Junagadh Range DIG against Police Officials in Todkand Case

In a significant development regarding the Todkand case in Junagadh, the Junagadh Range DIG, Rider PI S.N. Gohil, lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against several police officials at the Junagadh B Division Police Station. This FIR was filed against Junagadh SOs, Cyber Cell PI A.M. Gohil, Circle PI Taral Bhatt from Manavadar, and ASI Deepak Jani. The seriousness of this case prompted the ATS to take charge of the investigation after it was registered. 

The investigation was conducted under the supervision of ATS’s Deputy Superintendent of Police, Shankar Chaudhary. However, as of now, no information regarding this investigation has been disclosed by the ATS. This move suggests a significant step in the legal proceedings surrounding the Todkand incident, reflecting the gravity of the situation and the thoroughness of the investigation undertaken by the authorities.

ATS Arrest of Taral Bhatt Raises Speculations

The arrest of Taral Bhatt by the ATS in the Todkand case has raised suspicions of staged events. Since Bhatt’s apprehension, questions have emerged regarding the ATS’s handling of the case. Clarifications regarding the involvement of PI Gohil and ASI Deepak Jani have been sought, with reports indicating no direct roles played by them. Both were allegedly implicated by Bhatt. Consequently, efforts are underway to enlist them as fresh witnesses in the ongoing investigation.

ATS Report Indicates Taral Bhatt as Mastermind of Todkand Incident

According to senior police officials, the ATS report identifies Taral Bhatt as the sole mastermind behind the Todkand incident. Contrary to earlier speculation, it was PI Gohil and ASI Deepak Jani who were initially apprehended by the ATS. Both were summoned by the ATS to gather information regarding the Todkand incident and were subsequently asked to become witnesses. However, after both individuals became witnesses, the ATS turned its attention towards Taral Bhatt, suspecting his deeper involvement in the case.

Both sides received registered information

According to statements from senior police officers, usually, any accomplice who does not play a significant role in the crime and who may seek police assistance to testify against the main suspects is offered the chance to become a witness. In this incident, PI Gohil and ASI Deepak Jani did not play significant roles. Therefore, after the ATS obtained registered information from both accomplices, they were called to become witnesses.

Police Receive Over 50 Complaints, Including FIRs

In the Todkand case in Junagadh, the ATS has gathered over 50 complaints, including FIRs, from various individuals including police officers, officials, citizens, and business owners associated with the Buki (bookie) category, Taral Bhatt, and other accused family members. All these complaints reflect concerns and grievances related to the alleged actions of Taral Bhatt, aiming to strengthen the case against him. Through extensive investigation and community engagement, it has become evident that Taral Bhatt played a central role in the entire Todkand incident.

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