Man refuses apology, 3 assailants beat and stab brother at workplace

In Rajkot’s Yajnik Road, an incident of assault on a youth has come to light. Initially, the attackers were not identified due to the darkness prevailing. However, it later emerged that his brother works as a sanitation worker in a spa on Yajnik Road. He was talking to a young woman when her phone rang with Jayrajsinh. In the midst of conversation, the youth apologized to Jayrajsinh through the phone for using foul language against the girl. Upon hearing this, two other individuals attacked him. Harsh Rajdev, the complainant, went to report this incident but was himself attacked with a pipe and a dagger by the accused. Currently, the police have taken swift action to apprehend all three suspects.

Misuse of Phone Leads to Verbal Abuse

A youth named Harsh Rajdev filed a complaint stating that he works behind the bus stand doing odd jobs. His brother Dhruv works at Crystal Spa on Yajnik Road. Last night at 9:30, his brother received a call stating that he was joking with a young woman named Janvi. At that time, his brother’s phone was on speaker, and Jayrajsinh heard Harsh abusing Janvi’s aunt. Consequently, Harsh denied using foul language and instead asked for forgiveness. Hence, Harsh informed Jayrajsinh that he did not abuse her aunt but requested forgiveness.

Confrontation Escalates to Violence

Three individuals engage in a confrontation involving deceit and daggers. Jayrajsinh told me that he was there and challenged me. When I mentioned this to Jayrajsinh, he immediately attacked me with deceit, and one of the two individuals present with him tried to pull me down by my hair and beat me with a wooden stick and fists. As I tried to leave them, those people grabbed my brother by the throat, dragged him down, and continued to assault him. Consequently, I ended up getting involved to protect my brother, leading to further violence.

Accused Flee as Police Investigation Commences

It is noteworthy that initially, the accused launched a sudden attack without being identified. However, the police have now accepted the full truth. Based on Harsh Rajdev’s complaint, the police have swiftly taken action to apprehend Jayrajsinh, Rishirajsinh, and Rajabhai, noting down the allegations against them. Additionally, the complainant, who had prior information, is being pressed further to reveal more details in the face of attempts to conceal it.

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