Drunk Girls Spark Chaos in Rajkot Chhaswala Shop, Police Caught Them

In Rajkot, several incidents involving intoxicated youth causing havoc have come to light. However, last night, chaos erupted on Yagnik Road as two intoxicated young women created a scene outside a shop named Chhasswala. With a large crowd gathered, including the bemused shopkeeper, the incident went viral on social media, prompting a swift police response. Both women had fled the scene before the authorities arrived. Today morning, police swiftly apprehended both culprits near Funworld, based on the complaint filed by a female constable.

Public Outcry over Intoxicated Youth’s Disturbance

According to available information, last night, two young women caused a disturbance outside a shop named Chhasswala on Yagnik Road, allegedly under the influence of drugs. The women, unable to maintain composure in their intoxicated state, were captured on video using inappropriate language. Their actions attracted a crowd, and upon learning that the women had fled, the police initiated a search operation. Both women were swiftly apprehended near Funworld in the early morning.

Encounter with Intoxicated Youth in Racecourse Area

A complaint was lodged by Constable Brindra Gohil regarding the incident. It was reported that the two women were part of her patrolling team. Around 6 in the morning, the women were spotted in the Racecourse area engaging in disorderly behavior. They were stopped for questioning, during which one of the women provided a false name.

Noting the Drinking Offense in Public

During their appearance before the authorities, the women couldn’t maintain their balance and exhibited signs of intoxication with bloodshot eyes. They were found in a state of inebriation consistent with public drinking. When asked for permits or identification, they failed to produce any. Consequently, both women were noted for public drinking offense, and it was informed that they need to be present at the police station for further investigation. The police are conducting further inquiries based on the complaint filed.

Niyati Rao

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