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10-Year-Old Girl Dies After Eating Online Ordered Birthday Cake: 4 Family Members Survive

A 10-year-old child in Patiala, Punjab, has died after eating cake. Additionally, four other individuals fell ill. The family had ordered a cake online for the child’s birthday. The police have noted a case of poisoning before the court against the cake vendor in the local market.

Legal Action and Family Appeal Follow Tragic Incident

The police have charged under sections 304-A (causing death by negligence) and 273. The family has appealed for justice to prevail. The identification of the child has been done in a humane manner.

Fatal Consequences of Cake Consumption

A resident of Aman Nagar, Kajal, filed a complaint stating that on the evening of March 24th, at 6 o’clock, she ordered a cake from an online company. The cake arrived around 7:15, and after consuming it, several family members fell ill, experiencing nausea.

Her younger sister’s condition worsened, and she was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the next morning at 5:30, she passed away despite immense efforts to save her. Other family members also suffered from deteriorating health but managed to survive.

Health Concerns and Educational Impact

Harbans, the grandfather, revealed that he has two grandchildren. The elder, a 10-year-old, excelled in her studies, currently monitored online due to health concerns. He expressed dissatisfaction with the health department’s handling of the situation. He has appealed to the Punjab government to take appropriate action to prevent similar issues in the future. He has appealed to CM Bhagwant Mann for justice.

Seeking Assistance from Police and Health Department

Family members disclosed that the child’s mother and younger sister used to live with their grandparents due to family issues. Police officials stated that they would seek assistance from the health department in this matter. A health department team will collect samples from the relevant shop shortly.

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