Vadodara Bootlegger Caught Dancing with Singer, Video Goes Viral: Police Arrest

A video of bootlegger dancing with singer Kamlesh Barot has gone viral on the Kanjhat village located on the Padra-Masar Road in Vadodara. In which my brother, the bootlegger, brought alcohol from Bharuch… Controversy erupted after singing the song. As a result, Vadu police took action and caught bootlegger Sameer Patel red-handed during the countdown and seized foreign liquor worth 1200 rupees from him.

Bootlegger Danced with Singer

An event organized by Lokdayra in Kanjhat village on Masar Road in Vadodara district was held on the night of March 29th. Where Kamlesh Barot was the main singer. Whereas bootlegger Sameer aka Setto Yusufbhai Patel climbed on stage and started dancing with Kamlesh Barot, and Sameer Patel threw money on singer Kamlesh Barot.

Alcohol Brought by Kiran Langda’s Pair

Singer Kamlesh Parmar sang in Lokdayra, “My brother is a bootlegger, Sameer Bhai is a tiger. My brother is a bootlegger, brought alcohol from Bharuch… My Sameer is a bootlegger, brought alcohol with Kiran Langda’s pair… My Sameer is a bootlegger… Kiran brought money… Filled the car with goods… Kiran Langda brought alcohol… Finally said, ‘Brother, I am singing. Let me go home…'”

Police Raid at Bootlegger’s House

The Vadu police immediately took action and raided the house of Sameer Patel, who lived near a government hospital on Masar Road in Padra taluka of Vadodara district. During the search in the house, 12 quarters of alcohol worth 1200 rupees were found. Therefore, Vadu police quickly arrested the accused Sameer Patel and started further action by noting down the crime against him. In this regard, PI D.G. Tadvi of Vadu police station informed that bootlegger Sameer Patel has been caught red-handed for the prohibition offense and further investigation is underway in this case.

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