Google Sends 1.20 Crore Package to Irfan Comes From Ordinary Family

Google 1 Crore Job Offer: Irfan Bhati from Jharkhand has received a package of 1 crore 20 lakhs from Google London. Where Irfan will join the Google London Research Team and will take charge from August 29. Irfan is a software engineer. Before this he was working in Google India.

Irafan Bhati completed his preliminary studies from Pitts Modern Public School, Gomia in the year 2014. He then did his B.Tech in Computer Science from Haldia Institute of Technology, West Bengal in 2019. He has also worked in reputed companies like Byjuice and Flipkart.

exclusive conversation with Local 18, Irfan said that he was interested in computers since childhood. He prepared the mobile application by studying himself in class 10. That’s when the desire to become a successful software engineer dawned in his mind and from that day he started working hard. Irfan advises the youth aspiring to become a successful engineer that there is a lot of potential in the software field in today’s modern age. For example, young people can pursue a career working in the field of artificial intelligence, blockchain and websites.

Credit to Parents

Referring to his family background, Irrfan said that he comes from a simple family. His father Abdul Qadir runs a scrap transport business. His father worked hard for his studies. Irfan credits his success to father Abdul Qadir and late mother Rukhsana Khatoon, who encouraged him every step of the way.

Makes His Parents Proud

On the other hand, on Irfan’s success, his father Abdul Qadir said that he is very proud that his son has achieved success based on his hard work and dedication. He should continue with similar efforts. He said that Irfan conquered the world for him.

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