Vietnam 9-Story Building Fire: 50 Casualties, 70 Rescued, Cause Unknown

A fire broke out in a 9-story building in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Sadly, it resulted in the loss of 50 lives, with 54 people injured, including children. Firefighters heroically saved around 70 individuals, among the roughly 150 occupants. The cause of the fire, as per The New York Times, is still unknown.

According to Vietnam News Agency, this unfortunate incident occurred at approximately 11:30 PM local time. Firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after the incident and managed to bring the fire under control. Rescue operations are currently ongoing, and the police are investigating the reasons behind the fire outbreak.

There Was only One Exit Available in the Apartment Block for Evacuation.

After the fire broke out at night, dense smoke was seen coming out of the building during the day. According to AFP reports, the small balconies of the building were sealed. There was only one exit available in the apartment block.

This isn’t the First time that Fires have Occurred in Buildings in Vietnam.

A year ago in Ho Chi Minh City, a fire at a karaoke bar claimed the lives of 32 people, with at least 17 others injured in the tragedy. Following this incident, there were crackdowns on violations of building regulations and safety measures by the authorities.

In the year 2018, there was another tragic incident in Ho Chi Minh City where a fire in an apartment complex claimed the lives of 13 people. Prior to this, in 2016, a fire in a karaoke building in Hanoi had resulted in the deaths of 13 individuals as well.

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