Arrest Made in Attempted Defamation Case Against Former DGP: Accused Yogesh Gupta Apprehended in Mathura

IPS officer Yogesh Gupta has been arrested by the Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Branch today. Yogesh Gupta had filed an affidavit against former DGP Ashish Bhatia, which had serious allegations against him, but the affidavit was proven to be false. Following this, several individuals involved in the entire racket were apprehended by the ATS. When Yogesh Gupta was wanted, the investigation also uncovered his involvement in criminal activities. To evade arrest, he changed his identity and appearance, hiding in different states.

A bogus affidavit was created and circulated to defame former state police chief Ashish Bhatia. Several elements conspired to create a false narrative, and the forged affidavit was circulated widely. This affidavit contained serious allegations against Ashish Bhatia. However, it was later revealed that a woman was coerced into signing this affidavit, making the entire affidavit false. The investigation revealed various aspects of the case, including criminal activities at a bungalow in Chandkheda, where Yogesh Gupta was also implicated.

Gupta is very close to a former IPS officer. According to sources, it is believed that Yogesh Gupta is very close to a former IPS officer, and at one point, there were discussions about Gupta even becoming an IPS officer himself. Even after Yogesh Gupta’s arrest, there is still the possibility of certain details being revealed. Today, Yogesh Gupta has been arrested by the Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Branch coming from Mathura.

Yogesh Gupta used to hide by changing his appearance in different states. However, the Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Branch has achieved a significant success. Efforts are currently underway to interrogate Yogesh comprehensively, and he will be presented in the Gandhinagar court today for remand.

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