Gandhinagar Chief Ticket Inspector Arrested for Bribing Ticketless Passengers on Moving Train

Passengers traveling on trains coming from Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, without tickets were caught off guard when Chief Ticket Inspector Vijay Patel, the head of the Valsad Headquarter, organized a surprise ticket check in the running train of the Gandhinagar ACB division. In this operation, a lunch of Rs. 1500 was set up to lure passengers into buying tickets. The surprise check was executed swiftly near Gandhinagar Railway Station, catching passengers off guard as they were heading towards Ahmedabad. Patel successfully collected Rs. 1500 from each passenger without a valid ticket.

Anti-Corruption Bureau Takes Action Against Ticket Checker

Passengers traveling ticketless on trains arriving from Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad were in for a surprise when the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) initiated a widespread complaint against ticket checkers. Inspector D.S. Chaudhary, from the Gandhinagar ACB, conducted a raid at Gandhinagar Railway Station and caught ticket checkers accepting bribes. This action led to the arrest of ACB Chief Ticket Inspector Vijay Patel for his involvement in corrupt practices.

Passenger Fined for Ticketless Travel

In a separate incident, a passenger traveling from Valsad to Vadnagar in a train originating from Ahmedabad was caught without a ticket. When the ticket checker asked for his ticket upon reaching Gandhinagar Railway Station, the passenger, whose name was later revealed to be Vijay Chimanbhai Patel, claimed that he did not have a ticket. Despite his previous nonchalant attitude towards checking, Chief Ticket Inspector Vijay Patel had to pay the fine this time. This incident highlighted the importance of strict enforcement of ticket checks even for railway employees.

Ticket Checker Detained by ACB for Unlawful Activities

Following a series of ticket checks from Ahmedabad to Mehsana without valid tickets, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) took action against Chief Ticket Inspector Vijay Patel. The ACB detained Patel and conducted further investigations into his involvement in unlawful activities. Notably, the ACB suspected that Patel had been conducting fraudulent ticket checks to extort money from passengers. This led to increased scrutiny and an anti-corruption campaign within the railway department.

ACB Chief Ticket Inspector Faces Interrogation After Detention

After the detainment of Chief Ticket Inspector Vijay Patel, the ACB began interrogating him regarding his involvement in corrupt practices. The ACB Chief Ticket Inspector, known for his questionable methods, faced intense scrutiny during the investigation. The interrogation revealed a pattern of corruption within the railway department, prompting the ACB to conduct a more extensive inquiry into the matter.

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