Tragic Accident Near Dhrangadhra Claims Lives: Three of Family Die as Eeco Overturns After Wedding

A tragic accident has occurred near Dhrangadhra in Surendranagar district, claiming the lives of four individuals, including three members of the same family. The incident resulted in fatalities when a vehicle overturned. According to available information, the family from Dhrangadhra, having solemnized a wedding in Ahmedabad, was returning home when the accident happened.

Family Returning Home from Wedding Met with Accident

The family was on their way back home after attending a wedding ceremony in Ahmedabad when they encountered an accident. According to the available information regarding the mishap, while returning to Dhrangadhra after the wedding celebration, their journey took a tragic turn. It was reported that near Gokul Hotel, close to Malvan Highway and Haripar Bridge in Dhrangadhra, the tire of their Eeco car burst, leading to the unfortunate incident.

Fatal Accident: Car Overturns, Claiming Four Lives

Fatal Accident: Car Overturns, Claiming Four Lives

Tragedy struck when an unexpected tire burst caused a car to overturn and plunge into an embankment. Among the five passengers onboard, four lost their lives, while one individual sustained injuries. The casualties include two women and two men, with three of them belonging to the same family. This devastating incident highlights the importance of road safety and vigilance while traveling, underscoring the fragile nature of life and the unpredictability of accidents.

File photo of the deceased.

Local Authorities Alerted: Rescue Teams Mobilized

Upon learning of the accident, locals quickly informed emergency services and the police. Teams from the rescue and police departments rushed to the scene to assess the situation and provide assistance. The police have initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident and are actively engaging in further proceedings at the site. This unfortunate incident has left an atmosphere of grief and shock, particularly for the families of the victims. One family has lost three members, while another has lost one, adding to the somber atmosphere and distress in the community.

File photo of the deceased

Names of the Deceased

  • Yagneshbhai alias Kanabhai Hitubhai Jadav
  • Indumatiben Jeetendrabhai Jadav
  • Radhaben Nilkanthbhai Jadav
  • Dhaneshbhai Babubhai Chavda

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