Tragic Accident Claims Lives of 3 Indians, Including Birthday Boy, in Canada

Ritik and Rohan were originally from Chandigarh, while Gaurav was from Pune, Maharashtra.

In the Brampton area of Greater Toronto, Canada, around 1:30 AM on Thursday, a car collided with another vehicle on an uncontrolled stretch of road while returning from a birthday party. Three Indian youths, including two brothers and a friend, lost their lives in the accident. According to local police, the possibility of the accident being caused by the negligence of another vehicle is being investigated. The vehicle has also been impounded, and charges have been filed against the suspects. It is reported that the accident occurred due to the recklessness of the vehicle involved.

2 of the deceased were residents of Chandigarh, while 1 was from Pune.

The deceased were identified as 23-year-old Ritik Chhabra, his 22-year-old brother Rohan Chhabra, and their 24-year-old friend Gaurav Faasge. The accident was so severe that all three occupants of the car lost their lives at the scene, as reported by the police. Ritik and Rohan were from Chandigarh, while Gaurav was from Pune, Maharashtra.

It was Ritik Chhabra’s birthday.

It was Ritik Chhabra’s birthday on the day of the accident. They had celebrated the birthdays of all three in the evening and were returning when the accident occurred. The tragedy of losing both the birthday boy and his friends has deeply affected their families.

All three worked at a salon in Greater Toronto Area, Canada, and the salon owner has expressed grief over their deaths. The salon owner stated that all three used to work approximately 40 hours every fortnight at the salon and were like family to their respective families. According to available information, on the day of the accident, they had gone out to celebrate Ritik’s birthday, and while returning from the party, their car met with the accident, resulting in the deaths of all three.

It is noteworthy that according to a media report published in 2023, WHO has stated that globally, road accidents are causing the deaths of two people every minute, with 3,200 people dying in road accidents every day. The main cause of road accident fatalities is among individuals aged 5 to 29 years worldwide. The highest number of road accidents occurs in the United States globally, but in India, road accidents cause the highest number of deaths due to this cause.

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