Moraribapu’s Inspiring Lecture on Lord Ram Leaves Audience Enthralled, Blesses Girl Child

One year ago, during a program attended by the Prime Minister in Surendranagar, a discussion about the developmental journey of India was sparked in just one minute during a conversation with a little girl named Adhyaba Jadeja. This 10-year-old girl is currently performing discourses on Lord Ram at the famous Morari Bapu’s Ram Katha at Limbdi’s Nimbark Dharmashala. In just four minutes, Adhyaba Jadeja gave a discourse on Lord Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman, Shiva, and Ravana. Adhyaba Jadeja delivered a discourse on Lord Shriram, emphasizing the significance of his name, stating that just saying the name “Ram” is enough to soothe one’s soul, and those who understand its essence will comprehend its power.

She emphasized the importance of maintaining boundaries and sacrificing one’s desires for the greater good. She urged everyone to embody the virtues of patience and truthfulness and advised against succumbing to desires and anger, reminding that one should remain calm in the face of adversity. Throughout her discourse, Adhyaba Jadeja spoke continuously for four minutes, captivating the audience with her eloquent speech.

Previously, Adhyaba Jadeja had also deeply moved Prime Minister Narendra Modi with her powerful poetry during an event in Surendranagar. Meeting the Prime Minister, Adhyaba Jadeja had said, “BJP… BJP… BJP… Today, every conversation begins with BJP, and every discussion concludes with BJP. While other parties engage in the politics of appeasement, only BJP, the party of development, stands tall. No one can bend BJP because BJP creates the narrative. BJP abolished Article 370, brought the Narmada waters to the Nal-Sarover, and constructed the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. BJP will decide the height of the Statue of Unity and will celebrate 500 years of Pavagadh. Who will provide 200 crore free vaccines during the Corona pandemic? It’s BJP. The people of Gujarat resonate with one slogan: BJP. And BJP will continue to prevail.”

Who is Adhyaba Jadeja?

Adhyaba Jadeja is the 10-year-old daughter of Kiritsinh Rana, who is a member of the legislative assembly (MLA) from Limbdi constituency. She studies in 4th grade at SNK School in Rajkot. Her father, Digvijaysinh Jadeja, is a businessman. Last year, Adhyaba impressed the Prime Minister by narrating the story of India’s developmental journey in just a minute, in a colloquial language. Upon hearing her, the Prime Minister applauded and praised her, making her a fan favorite. At that time, Adhyaba had informed “Divya Bhaskar” that, It was my dream to meet PM Modi and share my poem. At first, I was nervous, but after meeting Modi ji, I felt like meeting my grandfather. This dream will be fulfilled very soon, this news is not far.

Niyati Rao

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