Congress Leader JB Solanki Attacked by Mob Allegedly Led by MLA Jetha Bharwad

Scorpios Wreak Havoc Without Number Plates

The leaders of the city’s Panchayat opposition, J.B. Solanki, were attacked by around 20 individuals who arrived in Scorpio vehicles without number plates. In front of the civil hospital in the city, four Scorpio vehicles surrounded J.B. Solanki’s car and caused extensive damage with bats and sticks. J.B. Solanki was immediately rushed to the civil hospital and received immediate medical attention as he sustained injuries during the attack. During the incident, J.B. Solanki also had a confrontation with the Congress leaders, including prominent leaders of the All India Congress Committee, who rushed to the civil hospital.

Scorpios Damaged by Wooden Sticks and Iron Rods

In a shocking incident in the city’s Taluka Panchayat, 20 individuals, in a deliberate attack on J.B. Solanki’s car, damaged around 20 Scorpio vehicles with wooden sticks and iron rods. This incident took place near Ghanashyam Hotel on the way from Shahera to Godhra Road. They caused substantial damage to the Scorpio cars, and amid the chaos, J.B. Solanki was also confronted during the attack. Lathi-charged and beaten, J.B. Solanki was immediately taken to the Godhra Civil Hospital.

Complainant Assaulted – Cars Damaged

In the incident, J.B. Solanki alleged that the attack was orchestrated by Jetha Bharwad, a city’s municipal council member. According to Solanki, the attack was prompted by his exposure of corruption in Bharwad’s opposition. The Shahera police have also filed a complaint in this regard. The complaint mentions that the attackers followed Solanki to Godhra to attend a Congress party meeting, where four black Scorpio vehicles, along with a Scorpio without a number plate, pulled alongside Solanki’s car, smashed its windows, and attacked him. All 20 accused are charged with assault.

Action Against Perpetrators of J.B. Solanki’s Attack – Former Union Minister

Former Chief of the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, Bharatsinh Solanki, stated that the law and order situation in Gujarat has deteriorated severely, and an attack on J.B. Solanki was carried out with a degree of severity. He requested immediate legal action against those responsible and demanded that suitable precautions be taken for his safety. Bharatsinh Solanki mentioned that J.B. Solanki is still at risk, and his attack is not the first time that Congress party workers have been targeted. After this, the police have taken strict action against the 20 accused who were involved in the attack and are being treated for their injuries at the Godhra Civil Hospital.

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