Vibrant Celebrations of Gujarat Dhuleti: Youthful Revelry in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara; Festive Cheers

Across the length and breadth of Gujarat, the festival of colors, Dhuleti, has painted the cities in exuberant shades. From Ahmedabad to Rajkot, Surat to Vadodara, the youth are embracing the festivities with fervor, adorning each other with vibrant hues. 

Amidst the revelry, energetic beats resonate as people dance to various tunes, from DJ mixes to traditional Garba melodies. In Rajkot, former Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, celebrates Dhuleti with his family, adding to the festive spirit. Meanwhile, in Vadodara, elaborate arrangements mark the occasion, with large-scale parties hosting diverse events, ranging from rain dances to themed parties. 

Selfie points have been set up across major venues, where people capture colorful moments amidst the festivities. Surat, in particular, showcases a kaleidoscope of colors as people revel in the joyous occasion, each immersed in their own spectrum of celebration.

Youth Dive into Colorful Chaos: Dhuleti Celebrations in Ahmedabad

Youth Dive into Colorful Chaos: Dhuleti Celebrations in Ahmedabad

Various party plots in Ahmedabad are buzzing with preparations for Dhuleti festivities, with people of all ages eagerly waiting to immerse themselves in the vibrant colors of the occasion. From young children to adults, everyone is gearing up to celebrate Dhuleti in grand style. 

Clubs scattered across the city’s posh areas have come together to organize collective celebrations, where individuals, along with their friends and families, are indulging in the festivities from early morning. 

Notably, these clubs are emphasizing the use of herbal and natural colors for the celebrations. Amidst the chaos of colors and laughter, there’s a unique joy in celebrating Holi amidst mud and dirt. Additionally, the use of soapy foam adds another layer of fun to the festivities, making the Dhuleti celebrations in Ahmedabad truly memorable and joyous for all.

Rupani Family Celebrates Dhuleti with Neighbors

Rupani Family Celebrates Dhuleti with Neighbors

Former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, along with his family, celebrated the festival of Dhuleti with their neighbors in Rajkot. He mentioned that the colors of devotion towards Lord Ram and the Ram Mandir can be seen spreading across the nation. The saffron color symbolizes the nation’s unity, and there’s an expectation of BJP’s victory in the 2024 elections. 

However, there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm in the Congress camp, with their prospects appearing dim. Ranjanben, therefore, has decided not to contest this time, leading to a change in candidates.

Morning Revelry: Dhuleti Celebrations in Vadodara

Morning Revelry: Dhuleti Celebrations in Vadodara

In the city of Vadodara, the celebration of colors has commenced from the early hours of the morning. Even temples witnessed a gathering of devotees eager to partake in the festivities. 

Alongside the religious fervor, Dhuleti festivities also took place within the temple premises. Kamatibaug witnessed vibrant Dhuleti celebrations organized by the Morning Walkers’ group. The echoes of “Happy Holi” reverberated through Kamatibaug Road as a large number of people thronged the area to celebrate Dhuleti. 

The enthusiasm was palpable as crowds gathered in Kamatibaug to immerse themselves in the colors of the festival.

Riverside Vigilance: Dhuleti Festivities Monitored Along Riverbanks

The areas surrounding the Mahisagar River near Vadodara, including Lachhanpur, Sindhrot, and the banks of the Narmada River at Devre, Nareshwar, and Chanod, were bustling with activity. Police forces from both the city and district were deployed to ensure tight security arrangements along the riverbanks. 

Despite this, many people had gathered along the riverbanks from early morning, eagerly engaging in Dhuleti celebrations. Special attention was paid to prevent any untoward incidents during the festivities.

Dhuleti Celebrations

Political Leaders Join Dhuleti Celebrations

Even political leaders took part in the colorful festivities of Dhuleti, considering it a beloved occasion. With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on the horizon, political figures seized the opportunity to celebrate Dhuleti at the residences of declared candidates. 

However, for some aspirants who didn’t secure tickets, the colors of Dhuleti symbolized their disappointment. Nevertheless, party workers enthusiastically participated in the celebrations, enjoying the festive spirit alongside their leaders.

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