Fire Breaks Out at AAP Corporator’s Bungalow: 17-Year-Old Son Dies in Surat Blaze, 6 Rescued from Adjacent House

A fire broke out in a bungalow located in the sprawling area of Varachha in Surat, resulting in the tragic death of the son of the corporator, Jitu Kachadiya. Due to the fire in the house, all six family members jumped to the adjacent house to save their lives. Unfortunately, the 17-year-old son got trapped and lost his life in the incident.

Jitubhai Kachadiya, a corporator of the Aam Aadmi Party, resides with his joint family in Ananddhara Society, located in the vast area of Varachha in Surat. The family lives in a Ground Plus Two bungalow. Jitubhai has two sons. The elder son is involved in business after completing his studies, while the younger son, aged 17, is currently studying in the 12th grade.

The prince was preparing for his Class 12 board exams. He was studying diligently for the upcoming examinations. In their Ground Plus Two bungalow, nobody was present on the first floor, and the entire family was on the second floor. Suddenly, late at night around 2 o’clock, a fire broke out on the first floor unexpectedly. It quickly spread and engulfed the entire house in flames.

In the other house, Jitendra Kachhadia’s family consisted of seven members. Upon learning about the fire incident, an atmosphere of fear pervaded the entire family. In one bedroom, the prince and his brother were asleep. They had been scolded by their uncle moments before, leading to a heated argument. Later, attempts were made to evacuate everyone outside, but the situation was such that they couldn’t descend downstairs.

Due to the chaos caused by the fire, Prince couldn’t make it outside and got trapped inside. Amidst the blaze, the situation became critical due to the dense smoke. The fire department was alerted about the situation to control the fire, which led to a large contingent of firefighters rushing to the scene of the incident.

Prince could not make it outside due to the chaos caused by the fire, and consequently got trapped inside. The fire department managed to control the fire by spraying water onto the flames after extensive efforts. Meanwhile, Prince was found in a critical condition and was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. Upon examination by the attending physicians, his death was declared. The family mourns the loss of their younger member, and the atmosphere in the household is filled with grief.

According to the fire department, there were 2 casualties due to the fire in the vicinity. Firefighters rushed to the scene and attempted to control the blaze by spraying water onto the flames. During this time, family members also found themselves trapped. While some managed to escape unscathed, others were not as fortunate. Despite efforts to rescue a young man who was trapped, unfortunately, he could not be saved.

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