Shocking CCTV Footage: Fortuner Crashes into Thar at 200 km/h on Bopal SP Ring Road

Early Morning Car Accident at Bopal Bridge, Ahmedabad

An early morning collision between two cars at Bopal Bridge in Ahmedabad resulted in three fatalities and one injury. The injured person has been taken to Sola Civil Hospital for treatment. The accident involved a liquor-laden car crashing into another vehicle. One person in the liquor-laden car and two individuals in the other vehicle lost their lives. CCTV footage of the incident shows a high-speed Fortuner colliding violently with a Thar. In the 15-second CCTV clip, it is evident that the Fortuner hit the Thar at full speed, causing it to fly off in just a second.

Police Investigation and Findings

According to police sources, the Fortuner was traveling at a speed between 150-200 km/h, with the speedometer stuck at 200 km/h after the crash. The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) is collecting evidence. Due to the rain, tire marks were not found at the scene. The investigation revealed that the CCTV cameras in the surrounding areas were not operational at the time of the incident.

Fortuner Car Had Alto’s Number Plate

The Fortuner car involved in the accident had a number plate GJ18 BK 9808, which actually belongs to a Maruti Alto. It is impossible for two vehicles to have the same number plate, indicating that the Fortuner was using a fake number plate. On paper, this number is registered to an Alto, likely owned by someone named Jayanti. The police are investigating this aspect as well.

Fortuner Filled with Liquor

Early in the morning, the Fortuner was traveling from Vaishnodevi towards Bopal. The occupants of the Fortuner were Om Prakash alias Pappu and Rajuram Bishnoi, both from Rajasthan. Meanwhile, a Thar, with Ajit Kathi and Manish Bhatt inside, was approaching from the Bopal Bridge side. The Thar was turning right towards Rajpath Club Road when the Fortuner, coming from the same direction, collided with it. The crash resulted in the deaths of Manish Bhatt, Ajit Kathi, and Om Prakash, while Rajuram Bishnoi is currently under treatment. Notably, the Fortuner was heavily loaded with liquor.

Names of the Deceased

  • Ajit Kathi, Age: 32, Residence: Viramgam
  • Manish Bhatt, Age: 52, Residence: Sabarmati, originally from Viramgam
  • Om Prakash alias Pappu, driver of the Fortuner


  • Rajuram Bishnoi, Age: 24, Residence: Sanchore, Rajasthan

Bootlegger’s Car Accident from Vaishnodevi to Bopal

This morning, around 5 o’clock, near the Bridge, Ahmedabad’s lawyer has come to see the incident of the death of three people in a car accident due to a bootlegger’s car. The bootlegger’s Fortuner car was filled with alcohol, heading from Vaishnodevi towards Bopal, when it collided heavily with a Thar car taking a U-turn near the Rajpath Club, which was going towards the same direction and was thrown 150 feet away from the accident site, killing two people in it, while the Fortuner car was thrown 300 meters away, in which the alcohol was filled. In this also killed two people sitting

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