Tragedy Strikes Soni Family: Anti-Drug Attempt Unveiled! Father and Son’s Condition Critical; Police Seize CCTV and Sugarcane Juice Samples

In a heartbreaking incident in the Tarsali area of Vadodara city, two members of the Soni family lost their lives. The family members, including the father, wife, and son, fell victim to poisoning in the sugarcane juice they consumed, suspected to be laced with potassium gold syenite. 

The father and wife succumbed to the poisoning, leading to a grave loss for the family. During the police interrogation of the accused father, attempts were made to end his life by consuming the same poisonous substance. 

Both the accused and his son are currently in critical condition. While two kits were provided for medical examination, the doctor has indicated potential complications due to the delay in hospital access, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

Accused Consumed Poison During Police Interrogation

During the police investigation, the accused consumed a poisonous substance. Following the unfortunate demise of his wife and father, the police were informed to conduct their final rites. 

Subsequently, concerns arose when the accused, Chetan Soni, expressed suspicion about his wife having poisoned the sugarcane juice consumed by their son Akash, whose health had deteriorated. 

During police questioning, the accused Chetan was confronted with the suspicion of orchestrating this poisoning. Later, he also consumed the poisonous substance, causing his health to deteriorate.

He was rushed to a specialized hospital by the police, where his condition remains critical. The police have taken note of this incident as part of their investigation into the homicide case.

Postmortem Department

Police Intensify Investigation, Gather Evidence

In a significant development, the police have intensified their investigation into the case. Amidst this comprehensive probe, the accused’s brother, Manoj, filed a complaint against his own kin. 

As part of their efforts, the police have obtained samples of sugarcane juice and potassium gold syenite from the house. Further, they have initiated steps to gather additional evidence, including scrutinizing CCTV footage from the vicinity. This proactive approach underscores the authorities’ commitment to unraveling the truth behind this tragic incident.

Makarpura Police

Police Procure 2 Anti-Drug Kits

In response to the unfolding crisis, the police have acquired 2 anti-drug kits. Presently, the condition of the accused, Chetan, is critical, while that of 24-year-old Akash is also extremely serious. Both situations are dire. 

Due to the unavailability of the potassium gold syenite antidote at the specialized hospital, 2 kits were provided, but as of now, they haven’t been utilized. Medical experts have explained that these kits are effective when administered within 24 hours of preparation. However, in this case, as time progresses, their efficacy diminishes.

SSG Hospital

Police Scrutinize Mobile Call History

In the comprehensive investigation of this case, the police are meticulously examining the mobile call history. This scrutiny aims to uncover any vital clues regarding the planning or involvement of any other individuals besides the father, who is suspected of plotting the murders of family members.

The incident suggests financial turmoil, as it’s believed that money was borrowed from someone or obtained under pressure. The police are exploring whether any coercion was involved, prompting them to delve deeper into mobile call records and CCTV footage.

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