Vadodara Firing Horror: Unconscious Girl Clings to Life as Police Uncover Point-Blank Shooting by Husband – Accused to Face Court Tomorrow

Incident in Vadodara’s Danteshwar Area

In a house in the Chintanagar Society of Vadodara’s Danteshwar area, a husband fired at his wife in their bedroom. The Makarpura police arrested the accused. The police have seized the pistol used in the firing, and an investigation is underway. The woman has been taken to the hospital, and her condition is being monitored. The police will present the accused in court for further legal proceedings.

Accused to be Presented in Court Tomorrow

Before this incident where the husband fired at his wife in their bedroom, he had fired at an unknown person on the Pratapnagar Bridge. The accused, in a seemingly playful manner, fired a gunshot in the air when questioned by the police. However, once his wife asked him about it, the real reason behind the firing will come out. The police will present the accused, Jaisingh Sherasingh Sikligar, in court tomorrow for a revadomand hearing. On the other hand, the condition of the woman is still under observation, and the police will question her after she recovers. The accused, Jaisingh, is currently in a tense situation at home, and the family is not present at home.

Increased Police Firing Incidents Reported

Yesterday morning, a senior woman, Komalben Sikligar (aged 70), was admitted to Adikyurah Hospital. She had been on a stroll with her husband around 10:30 PM near the Pratapnagar Bridge when an unidentified assailant fired shots in their direction. The woman was hit, and the incident is currently under investigation by the Makarpura police.

Suspect Admits Guilt

The woman’s husband, Jayasingh Sherasing Sikligar (20 years old) of Chintanagar Society, Danteshwar, Vadodara, admitted involvement in suspicious activities. The police conducted thorough questioning and examined CCTV footage, revealing that the incident did not occur on the Pratapnagar Bridge as initially claimed. Instead, it happened within the couple’s bedroom. Forensic experts found gunshot residue on the walls, confirming the firing incident. The suspect has confessed to firing the shots. The police are investigating the case further, considering it a false story presented by the accused.

Marriage Consummated within a Month

The police have apprehended the accused husband and seized a pistol and three live cartridges used in the firing. The woman undergoes surgery to remove the bullet from her head. The motive behind the firing will be investigated after the woman’s recovery. The incident occurred just a month after their marriage.

Incident under Family Dispute

The accused husband took his wife on a bike and visited three different hospitals. They left the Sayaji Hospital without providing any medical history and, without taking leave, left the other hospitals. The wife was admitted to a private hospital for treatment, where she is currently undergoing care. The Makarpura police are investigating the case, which appears to be related to a family dispute.

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