Diwali Dining Alert: Live Worm Found in Masala Papad at Kabir Restaurant, Video Goes Viral

During the Diwali festival, when you visit outdoor restaurants, hotels, or fast-food outlets, it’s essential to exercise caution because there is a risk of contamination with pests or substandard food items. A video that went viral on social media served as a stark reminder of this concern.

In this particular incident, which took place in the Drive-In area of the city, a family went to Kabir Restaurant. They placed separate food orders and included an order for masala papad. While enjoying their meal, they decided to consume the masala papad. To their shock, they found a living worm in it.

Upon discovering the presence of the worm, the family immediately informed the hotel’s manager and staff and showed them the contaminated papad. Subsequently, they cancelled their order and left the hotel without dining there.

This incident underscores the importance of food safety and hygiene standards in restaurants and the need for customers to remain vigilant when dining out, especially during festive times.

The customer not only informed the hotel staff but also captured a video of the incident, which went viral on social media. This incident highlights that various restaurants and hotels in the city can sometimes serve food or items with unexpected contaminants. It’s essential for such cases to be reported and investigated by the Food Department of the Municipal Corporation to ensure food safety and hygiene in these establishments.

It’s noteworthy that just a few days ago, a store in the city’s Bopal area sold cashews and almonds with insects included. When the customer purchased the cashews and almonds, they discovered insects in them. As a result, they went back to the store to return the items and noticed that the same cashews and almonds were being sold again in bulk. They reported this to the Food Department of the Municipal Corporation, which conducted an inspection of the store, collected samples, and took legal action against the store owner. This incident serves as a reminder that consumers should remain vigilant and report such incidents to authorities when they come across contaminated food items. Food safety and hygiene should be a top priority for businesses and regulatory bodies.

Niyati Rao

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