Tragedy in Shahibaug: 6-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Trapped in Vasant Vihar Flat’s Lift

If you are sending your child alone in an elevator, it’s essential to be cautious because there can be risks associated with using elevators, especially for children. An incident occurred in the Vasanta Vihar-2 apartment complex in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, where a 6-year-old child got stuck in an elevator and unfortunately lost his life.

In this tragic incident, the elevator’s door closed while the child was inside, and it started moving, trapping the child between the ground floor and the first floor. The child’s head and body became stuck between the floors due to this sudden movement. When the elevator started moving, the child panicked, causing him to move within the elevator, and this led to the fatal outcome.

Elevator safety is paramount, especially when it comes to children. Always accompany young children in elevators and be cautious to avoid such incidents. Elevators should be used with care, and appropriate safety measures should be in place to prevent accidents.

The child, in a state of panic due to the sudden movement of the elevator, was noticed by residents in the building as they heard the commotion. They immediately made efforts to rescue the child but were unable to free him. The incident prompted residents to call the fire brigade and emergency services (108). The Shahpur Fire Station Officer, Bhavesh Rawat, and his team arrived at the scene to assist.

The child was trapped within the elevator, and the rescue team worked diligently to extricate him. After successfully rescuing the child, he was taken to the Civil Hospital with the help of 108 Emergency Services. However, despite the efforts made to save him, the child tragically lost his life. Elevator accidents, especially involving children, are distressing incidents, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of elevator safety and supervision when children are present in such settings.

The examination of the child’s body revealed signs of severe injuries and internal damage. The emergency ambulance staff from 108 Emergency Services reported that when they arrived at the scene, they found the child trapped within the elevator, with his head having become stuck between the elevator and the ground floor. His head had been seriously injured and showed visible signs of trauma.

Upon further examination at the scene, the child’s condition deteriorated, and it was evident that his injuries were grave. Efforts were made to extricate him from the elevator, and he was transported to Civil Hospital for medical attention. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the child had already succumbed to his injuries before reaching the hospital.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of elevator safety and the need for proper supervision, especially when children are around elevators to prevent such unfortunate accidents.

Niyati Rao

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