AMC’s Deputy Municipal Commissioner Injured in Clash Near Civil Hospital: Locals and Estate Department Team Clash

The incident you described involves an attack on Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramya Bhatt in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. As per the initial information, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramya Bhatt was accompanying a team from the estate department and had gone to clear an obstruction on the road near the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad today. During this operation, she was assaulted by a group of individuals. She was seriously injured in the attack and was taken to SVP Hospital for treatment. This is a developing situation, and further details are likely to emerge as the investigation proceeds. The incident has prompted a serious response from the authorities.

The incident near Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad involved a situation where a road obstruction near the hospital’s Trombay Centre gate was being cleared by a team from the estate department. This obstruction was causing traffic problems. During the process of removing the obstruction, there was a confrontation with local residents, which escalated into an attack on Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramya Bhatt.

The attack occurred in the Shahibaug area, which falls under the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad’s Mayor, Pratibha Jaina. After the confrontation, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramya Bhatt was seriously injured and was subsequently taken to SVP Hospital for medical treatment. This is an evolving situation, and more details may emerge as the investigation progresses. The incident has prompted a strong response from the authorities.

After a heated argument with local residents, people gathered and staged a protest. As per the available information, the estate department had initiated a specific drive, urged by Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramya Bhatt, to remove unauthorized encroachments and obstructions in various zones across the city.

The drive aimed at clearing road obstructions that were causing traffic issues. During this drive, a confrontation with a vendor resulted in a violent altercation, which further escalated when local residents joined the scene. Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramya Bhatt was attacked in the Shahibaug area while overseeing this operation.

In response to the situation, the crowd gathered in protest. It’s important to note that this is an evolving situation, and more details may emerge as the investigation progresses. The incident has raised concerns and prompted action by the authorities.

In an effort to manage the situation, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramya Bhatt, along with the estate department team, had arrived at SVP Hospital. It was reported that they were surrounded by local vendors and residents.

During this confrontation, one of the vendors assaulted Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ramya Bhatt, leading to a serious altercation. The incident quickly escalated, resulting in a chaotic situation at the scene. Concerned about the well-being of Ramya Bhatt, she was promptly taken to SVP Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Local Shahibaug police were also alerted and arrived at the scene to manage the situation. The full details of the incident and its aftermath may become clearer as the investigation unfolds. This incident has raised significant concerns and required immediate intervention by the authorities to address the situation.

The situation escalated further with reports of a former BJP corporator also being involved in the altercation with local vendors. It was reported that this former corporator was preventing the estate department team from carrying out their duties.

Amid the chaos and ongoing confrontations, the Assistant Municipal Commissioner gave a stern order for the detention of the obstructing vendors. This order came after the Gujarat High Court had issued a severe warning following a recent episode involving vendors in the area.

The Corporation’s Anti-Encroachment department had also initiated a significant operation in Pipalaj Pirana Road in the southern zone, conducting a late-night drive. During this operation, several individuals allegedly assaulted the Anti-Encroachment team, including officers and staff, with stones. Additional personnel, including the Assistant Municipal Commissioner and the Head of the Anti-Encroachment department, were reported to be present during the operation.

The situation is undoubtedly grave and has stirred substantial discussions in the local community, particularly concerning the enforcement of rules and regulations in the area. Further actions and developments will likely unfold as authorities investigate the incident and work to address the issues at hand.

The situation further escalated when animal owners and other locals attempted to release the detained cattle and animals, which had been captured by the Corporation’s Anti-Encroachment department. They resorted to throwing stones and assaulting the Assistant Municipal Commissioner and other officials in an attempt to free the detained animals.

This incident raised serious concerns and questions regarding the police’s role and responsibility in the matter. The presence of the police at the scene during the assault implies that they might have had a role in addressing the situation or maintaining order. This has prompted inquiries into the actions and responsibilities of the police department in this case. The incident has certainly become a matter of significant public discussion and investigation into the conduct of different authorities involved.

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