3499 Raids, 241 FIRs, 218 Arrests, Yet 32 Spa Licenses Remain, Spas Still Operating!

Ahmedabad’s Spa Raids Lead to Arrests of Spa Operators: After the infamous Ahmedabad spa racket case, the police successfully conducted operations against spa operators throughout the state. During the special drive from October 18th to 24th, a total of 3499 spa centers and hotels were checked. Among them, 324 accused were charged in 241 FIRs, leading to the arrest of 218 of them. Additionally, 32 licenses were canceled during this operation. The crackdown has created a significant impact on the spa industry, and those who had violated laws related to these establishments. As per Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), penalties include a minimum of one month in jail, a fine of 200 rupees, or both if individuals have violated government orders or caused damage to law and order.

Surat: 62 Cases Registered under IPC 188

In Surat, the police initiated a campaign against illicit spa activities. Special drives were carried out in various areas of the city, resulting in the raid of 602 spa centers and hotels. Among these, 62 cases have been filed under IPC Section 188. This campaign aimed at addressing immoral trafficking under IPC 188 violations, leading to numerous arrests, particularly targeting establishments involved in immoral trafficking. Furthermore, around 90 accused engaged in unethical practices within spas have been apprehended during the raids.

Surat: Reduction in Raids – 524 Cases Cleared

In a follow-up to the initial raids, the Surat police have successfully reduced the number of raids from 602 to 524. While only 16 cases remained pertaining to immoral trafficking, 62 accused against whom charges were filed under IPC Section 188 have been released. During these raids, illicit activities that contravened regulations, such as failing to conduct verification and registration according to the law, were checked. Foreign nationals, who require legal procedures for work permits and visas, were also dealt with accordingly, especially in terms of engaging in activities that require appropriate verification.

Rajkot: 21 Spa Cases Altered after Public Complaints

In Rajkot, specialized teams from various zones led by the Zone-wise Police Commissioners conducted checks on spa activities from October 18th to 24th. In this operation, the police modified the allegations against 21 spa operators, all based on public complaints. These changes included charges under IPC Section 188. The investigation specifically targeted foreign nationals who were employed without appropriate work permits and visa requirements. This extensive operation aimed at improving the enforcement of legal standards within spa centers.

Anti-Human Trafficking Units Check 65 Locations

In Vadodara, the police have initiated a crackdown on spas and massage centers over the last ten days. A total of 120 spas were checked, and the police have filed 25 cases against various spa operators, under 188 and 114 IPC sections. Furthermore, three locations have been investigated for unethical practices within spas. The Anti-Human Trafficking Units have conducted checks at 65 locations, resulting in the filing of four cases against the violators under Section 188. The police stations and SOGs were actively involved in these checks. The crackdown particularly focused on female employees working in the spa industry, especially those operating without proper police verification and registration.

133 Spa Centers Raided in Ahmedabad with 16 FIRs

The city of Ahmedabad witnessed an extensive operation against spas across various neighborhoods, with 133 spa centers being raided by women police and Anti-Human Trafficking Units (AHTU). This led to the filing of 16 FIRs against the operators, targeting violations under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

These operations were carried out to enforce the law and ensure that spa centers and massage parlors are compliant with the appropriate legal requirements and standards

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