Attempted Kidnapping of Builder in Ahmedabad: 3 Intruders Caught in Office, Found BJP Plate on Scorpio Dashboard

A builder on Science City Road in Ahmedabad thwarted a potential kidnapping or robbery attempt by skillfully managing a situation that unfolded over the last four months. Three individuals, suspected of criminal intent, had visited the builder twice under the pretext of extending invitations. Due to the builder’s alertness, Sola Police apprehended all three suspects, who are currently in custody.

Invitation Ploy Exposed: Alert Actions Lead to Arrests

The builder, Nileshbhai Baladhya, a resident of Chandkheda, who is involved in the Science City flat scheme, faced a threat due to his alleged involvement in the scheme. He filed a complaint with Sola Police Station against Pravinbhai, Dipakbhai, and Mahesh Trivedi for issuing threats. Nileshbhai had been present at the site when the three suspects arrived in a Scorpio without a number plate.

Upon being questioned, the suspects claimed to be there to invite Nileshbhai. In response, Nileshbhai questioned their motives, leading to an altercation. Sureshbhai, a witness at the office, intervened, asking if the suspects had previously visited. Further provocation led to a heated argument, during which Sureshbhai gave a warning to the suspects. Sureshbhai immediately alerted the police, leading to their prompt arrival at the site.

Intimidation and Immediate Action

Nileshbhai questioned the suspects on how they recognized him, leading to threats and verbal abuse. Inside the office, a heated exchange took place, and Sureshbhai confronted the suspects, warning them to refrain from intimidation. Although Nileshbhai immediately called the police, a delay in their response prompted Nileshbhai to temporarily close the office and lock the suspects inside until the police arrived.

BJP Plate on the Scorpio: Unraveling the Investigation

The Scorpio used by the suspects lacked a number plate, and its windows were covered with black film. The car, allegedly intended for criminal activities, bore no number plate, and all glass surfaces were blacked out. The dashboard of the car displayed a BJP plate. Investigations have been initiated to determine the connection between the suspects and the political party.

Office Shut Down, Suspects Apprehended

Nileshbhai’s quick thinking and timely alertness helped prevent a potential crime. The suspects were confined within the locked office until the police arrived. An official complaint has been filed, and CCTV footage from October is being examined to gather further evidence. The investigation aims to uncover the motives behind the suspects’ visit and their connection, if any, to political entities.

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