Kalyan Banerjee Mimics President Dhankhad Again, Asserts Mimicry as Fundamental Right

Trinamool Congress MP Kalyan Banerjee has once again mimicked Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar. According to media reports, Banerjee organized a gathering in Shrirampur, where he imitated Dhankhar, claiming that he mimicked him outside Parliament, but Prime Minister Modi mimicked him inside. Banerjee accused Dhankhar of creating chaos domestically and internationally regarding the live birth issue. He also interacted with students of Dhankhar’s alma mater, Sarakhomoni School.

In Bengali, Banerjee stated, “I will continue to mimic; it’s an art. If needed, I will do it a thousand times. I have all the fundamental rights to express my views. You may disagree, but I won’t back down; I will continue to fight.”

Banerjee emphasized that mimicry is an art, and even Prime Minister Modi had done it in the Lok Sabha. He further commented during his speech, addressing the gathering in West Bengal, expressing concern about Dhankhar’s conduct in the state assembly.

Vice President Dhankhar addressed the controversy, stating, “I am on a constitutional post, yet I can’t leave people behind.” He spoke to the probationers of the Indian Statistical Service (ISS), acknowledging that enduring pain is part of his role, facing challenges and insults while working towards the service of the nation.

Dhankhar suggested that serving the motherland also involves tolerating criticism, indicating that people must learn to endure criticism for the greater good of India.

He responded to the question of changing his mindset, stating that he won’t deviate from his path. He emphasized the need to advance in the direction of serving the motherland through the path of dharma and not succumb to the fears propagated by those questioning the nation’s developmental trajectory.

The Mimicry Controversy Origin:

The mimicry controversy began on December 13 when the opposition demanded a statement from PM Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah in Parliament about the suspension of MPs. Between December 14 and 21, protests inside the Parliament premises led to the suspension of 146 MPs, including 100 from Lok Sabha and 46 from Rajya Sabha.

On December 19, some MPs staged a protest near the Parliament’s main gate, and TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee later accused Deputy Speaker Jagdeep Dhankhar of mimicking him. Other MPs were laughing, and Rahul Gandhi recorded a video.

BJP’s Response to the Mimicry:

Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Dhankhar also addressed the mimicry issue within the Parliament. He urged opposition MPs to protect their constitutional positions. The BJP also targeted the opposition strongly on this issue.

On Saturday, Jagdeep Dhankhar wrote a letter to Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, inviting him to his residence at 4 PM on December 25. Dhankhar expressed his hope that Kharge would enjoy the meeting. Meanwhile, discussions about suspending opposition MPs may take place during this time.

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