Protest Continues: 50-Mark Students Demand Fairness; 90-Mark Students Join in: Sahdev Sabariya

Approximately 300 young individuals have been staging a sit-in protest outside the PGVCL office in Rajkot for the past three days. The protest intensifies as vacancies for electrical assistants remain unfilled, provoking significant discontent among the youth. A singular demand resonates among the demonstrators: to assert their rights until they receive a satisfactory response from the authorities. Chanting slogans such as “We won’t move until our demands are met” and “Energy Minister, wake up,” the youth are steadfast in their determination to seek redressal for their grievances at the PGVCL office premises.

Vacant Positions in Various PGVCL Offices Across Cities

In Rajkot, as per the public information provided by the Right to Information Officer, Mr. H. Bakshi, there are 2 vacant positions for Assistant Linemen and 8 for Electric Assistants. Among these vacancies, 3 positions for Linemen remain unfilled.

In Jamnagar, as per the public information officer and executive engineer of two departments, Mr. Prakash Ashokbhai Rathod, there are 55 vacancies for Electric Assistants, 32 for Assistant Linemen, 10 for Linemen, and 3 for Line Inspectors.

In rural areas of Jamnagar under PGVCL, as per the public information officer, one position for Electric Assistant under EWS category remains vacant since November 25, 2023. Additionally, there are 5 vacancies for Assistant Linemen and 1 for Linemen.

In Bhachau under PGVCL, as per the public information officer, one position for Line Inspector is vacant. In Samakhiali, there are vacancies for 1 Electric Assistant, 3 Assistant Linemen, 1 Lineman, and 1 Line Inspector. In Rapar, there are 3 vacancies for Assistant Linemen and 2 for Line Inspectors. Furthermore, in the Divisional Office and Petta Division Office, there are 1 vacancy for Assistant Linemen and 2 for Linemen.

Discontent Among Rajkot's PGVCL Aspirants: Disparity in Recruitment Criteria

Discontent Among Rajkot’s PGVCL Aspirants: Disparity in Recruitment Criteria

Mr. Sahadev Sabariya, a resident of Surendranagar, staging a protest outside the PGVCL office in Rajkot, has highlighted a glaring issue concerning the recruitment process. He revealed that aspirants have been waiting for over 72 hours outside the office premises. Previously, the PGVCL and the JETCO conducted separate examinations for recruitment. Over the past year, they have conducted recruitment drives individually. 

JETCO has provided jobs to 1200 candidates, while PGVCL has employed 330 candidates, which is perceived as unjust. Notably, while JETCO has recruited candidates scoring as low as 50 marks, PGVCL has sparked protests by disregarding candidates with scores as high as 90 marks. Frustrated aspirants continue their protests, even resorting to threatening phone calls to authorities in efforts to break the deadlock.

PGVCL Aspirants Demand Fair Recruitment Practices

Mr. Hardik Solanki from Amreli, protesting outside the PGVCL office in Rajkot, has voiced concerns over the recruitment process. He disclosed that they took the exam on January 1, 2023. Despite scoring well, they were informed that there were no vacancies available. After filing an RTI, they discovered that 361 positions were vacant. However, office authorities claim the RTI response was inaccurate. 

They anticipate a new exam shortly for 500 positions. However, they demand that candidates scoring 80-90 marks should be offered positions first, followed by a new exam. They advocate for fairness, emphasizing that their protest will persist until justice is served.

PGVCL Aspirants Allege Unfair Recruitment Practices

PGVCL Aspirants Allege Unfair Recruitment Practices

Vijay Rathod from Junagadh, protesting outside the PGVCL office in Rajkot, revealed that they took the exam on January 1, 2023, as per GSO 4 for recruitment, which hasn’t materialized yet. Despite sitting for the exam, there has been no announcement regarding the number of vacancies available for recruitment. Those currently employed have not received any promotions, and there haven’t been any announcements for new vacancies for quite some time. Over the last year, only 330 individuals have been recruited. 

Candidates scoring 90-90 marks in the PGVCL exam have been denied employment, which they perceive as unfair. They have been protesting for three days, appealing for their demands to be addressed. Out of 6300 exam takers, 6000 candidates are still awaiting employment. Among them are hopefuls who might not be able to sit for the exams in the future due to age restrictions, making their exclusion from employment a permanent setback.

Challenges Faced by Gujarat NSUI Chief Regarding Exam Results

Narendra Solanki, the Gujarat NSUI chief, has brought attention to a pressing issue. In the year 2023, over 6000 students appeared for the examinations. However, students who scored between 80 to 90-92 marks in the exams conducted by the Rajkot PGVCL office are being denied job opportunities. Despite repeated inquiries, the authorities have failed to provide satisfactory responses. 

The situation has exacerbated as no positions are being made available even though vacancies exist. These continuous setbacks have raised concerns about the fairness and transparency of the recruitment process.

Continued Protest along the Gandhi Chindhyaa Route

It has been revealed through RTI inquiries by students that there are 361 vacant positions in the 8 divisions. However, PGVCL higher authorities are denying this information, claiming it to be false. Government officials from the Deputy Department are also dismissing this information as incorrect. It is evident that the government’s policy is flawed, and the system itself is faulty. Despite the injustice faced by these students, they remain determined. 

The path of Gandhi Chindhyaa will continue to witness their ongoing protest until justice prevails. NSUI stands in solidarity with these students until they receive the fairness they deserve.

Families Distressed by the Ongoing Protest

Rajkot-based student leader, Yuvarajsinh Jadeja, has announced that the demand for assistant electrical positions is escalating. The candidates demand an extension of the waiting list deadline or filling of vacancies as per GSO-4 guidelines. However, PGVCL authorities remain unresponsive. The students who have been protesting for the past 3 days do not have the luxury of time on their side. 

Their families are distressed by the ongoing protest. Today, I am here to demand from PGVCL authorities that the families of those protesting are not employed by PGVCL, and threatening them with consequences is unjust. The students’ demand is legitimate. I will meet with PGVCL’s MD soon and will also raise this issue in the assembly. We will not hesitate to visit the MD’s residence if necessary, and we won’t be taken aback by any such move.

Candidates' Demands Ring Alarm Bells, AGM Avinash Katara Says

Candidates’ Demands Ring Alarm Bells, AGM Avinash Katara Says

PGVCL’s Additional General Manager, Avinash Katara, has stated that the recruitment examination for assistant electrical positions held in February 2023 had three main requisites as per GSO 4 guidelines. The validity of the examination was extended by one year, in line with the agreement between Jetco and PGVCL for recruitment according to the rules. However, there are no vacant positions at present, and extending the validity of the examination is beyond our control. 

When the information obtained through RTI is discussed, it is found that the details of vacant positions are provided by the information officer of the 12 divisions, which is incorrect. The demand of the students is legitimate, and for this reason, we have issued notices to the authorities concerned. 

After the disclosure, the concerned officials will take action. There are 4,607 assistant electrical positions in 46 divisions of 12 circles in Saurashtra and Kutch. On this matter, we have submitted a fact-based report to the Rajkot Collector and the State Energy Ministry.

Yuvarajsinh Takes Aim Straight at Authorities

Yuvarajsinh Jadeja has stated that they are not demanding anything unreasonable, as they are consistently requesting permanent employment opportunities based on the results of the examination. They had appealed to the present administration and the police to support them and stand with the genuine demands of the youth.

Spark for Legislative Assembly Encirclement

Yuvarajsinh has expressed a stronger stance, indicating that if needed, they are prepared to encircle the Legislative Assembly in the coming days. Moreover, they emphasized readiness even to encircle the residence of the Managing Director if necessary.

Standing Our Ground: A Firm Statement to Officials

Standing Our Ground: A Firm Statement to Officials

In a direct address to officials seated across, it was made abundantly clear that while they may hold their positions inside, we stand firm outside. The message was unequivocal: we remain within the parameters of our cause, with no intentions of escalating beyond. There’s no desire to engage in futile attempts to outmaneuver the system. Just as in any game, the rules remain constant; hence, anyone attempting to perturb us will face consequences in the days ahead.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that we possess a variety of tools at our disposal, including CDs, CBI, ED, and SEB. These resources are ready to be deployed whenever and wherever deemed necessary.

When Justice is Denied, Protest Persists

In Rajkot, following the examination conducted by the PGVCL for the recruitment of electrical assistants, the future of over 6,000 unemployed youths remains uncertain as the recruitment process has been stagnant for a year. Outside the corporate offices, for the past two days, more than 300 young aspirants, including over 100 applicants each day, have gathered to demand justice. Today marks the third day of their sit-in protest. 

Students from various regions of Saurashtra, Kutch, and Gujarat have converged here to participate in the demonstrations. The astonishment was palpable when the Assistant General Manager of PGVCL, Mr. Katara, revealed through RTI that the information provided about 361 positions was inaccurate. In solidarity with the chief candidates of NSUI, they have taken a stand at the protest site, vowing to continue their agitation until justice is served.

Delayed Recruitment Despite High Scores

Delayed Recruitment Despite High Scores

In the year 2023, PGVCL conducted examinations for the recruitment of Electrical Assistants. Following this, information obtained through an RTI filed by Mayursinh Jadeja reveals that 361 positions remain vacant. Consequently, efforts are underway to fill these vacancies. Among the aspiring candidates, a majority have scored over 90 marks. Despite their hard work and impressive scores, the recruitment process for the position of Junior Electrical Assistant, which involves repairing work on electricity poles, remains stalled even one year after the examinations.

Who to Trust When RTI Information is Misleading?

There is growing concern over the accuracy of information provided in RTI responses. Instances have been reported where officials who furnish the information are subsequently served notices, indicating discrepancies in the data provided. This raises the question: whom should students and youth trust if even Class One officers are found to be providing misleading information in RTI queries?

Outcry at Ramdhun Ceremony Over Unfair Selection Practices

Outcry at Ramdhun Ceremony Over Unfair Selection Practices

Yesterday, during the Ramdhun ceremony, candidates made a bold announcement by sending postcards to the Chief Minister and chanting slogans against the Energy Minister. They expressed their discontent with the ongoing recruitment process conducted by PGVCL. It has been revealed that the upcoming recruitment will favor newcomers, giving preference to those who score 60% marks while disregarding candidates like us who have scored 90% marks. Is this justice? Until fairness prevails, the protest will continue unabated.

Narendra Solanki: “PGVCL’s Machinery is Rusty, Candidates Protest”

Responding to the queries of candidates, NSUI’s regional leader Narendra Solanki stated that today, starting from 12:00 PM, candidates have been sitting outside the corporate office of PGVCL, continuing their protest for a full 24 hours. Students have taken to the streets to assert their rights. Meanwhile, Solanki highlighted that the machinery at PGVCL is not functioning properly, which is why they stand in solidarity with the students until justice is served.

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